University of Aberdeen

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"Bring a raincoat."
"There are a lot of cool chill out places that not many people venture to or take time to explore. Do come by and see if you can find them!"
"As the university is very old, there are lots of hidden areas of historic value that are interesting to find and visit."
"We have a white campus cat called Buttons. During the university rector elections students created an online petition to allow him to run for rector. #CatsNotBureaucrats."
"Winston Churchill was once chancellor here."
"There are literally hundreds of years of university history on campus and one should seek to learn about it and engage in traditional events with the university."
"There is a memorial area for Lady MacRobert and I believe MRI was developed at the University of Aberdeen."
"There are fantastic views from campus including everything from the sea to the city and from monuments to mountains. On a sunny day you can see for forty miles up the coastline. Bring a camera!"

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