University of Aberdeen

Fun Facts

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"The University of Aberdeen, unlike a lot of other unis, really values grade improvement. Progression is really rewarded."
"Watch out for the seagulls! They are your greatest enemy when you have food in your hands."
"The university was founded in 1495, making it six centuries old!"
"There's no union and no union building."
"Aberdeen is very cold so thick jackets are needed here. The sun is a luxury in Aberdeen as it rains nearly all year round."
"Aberdeen is a very student-orientated city. There are lots of places that offer student deals and sponsorships for clubs and societies, so being a student is almost like being a VIP."
"Aberdeen is a good size for a student moving away from home for the first time. It's not too overwhelming but there's still plenty to do. We're also by the sea and who doesn't love that?"
"It's a conducive environment for learning without the pressures of capital city living or overbearing academia."
"There is a coffee spot called Kilau that has the best coffee on campus compared to other cafes here. They also have great brownies and sandwiches but it's the coffee that will make all the difference."
"The student pub at Hillhead is a good place to hang out with your friends and is cheap too thanks to student discounts."

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