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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Yes, definitely. Lots of information is available for international/EU students on the website and there's an excellent team of international officers. The university has programmes to support students coming from rural backgrounds to access subjects such as law and medicine in particular. There's also plenty of support in place for transitioning from college to uni and for mature students and parents in education."
"There are a lot of international students at the University of Aberdeen, mainly from mainland Europe. I think the university could do more to support international students with their uni accommodation and help them find guarantors."
"It's quite a diverse student population. I'd say Aberdeen is quite an expensive city to live in, but the university programmes are rather reasonably priced compared to other universities."
"Diversity is one of the words with which anyone would describe the University of Aberdeen. This isn't just regarding students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds but also the professors, the staff, the activities, the societies and the sports clubs. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you like or what you believe in; you'll feel welcomed here."
"I do believe the university supports equal opportunities and this can be seen reflected in the diversity of the student body."
"It tries to but I don't know enough about the intake protocols to actually comment on it. I think we have fewer international (non-EU) students than some other universities. But there are quite a lot of students from different minority and socio-economic backgrounds. There's also a good support system for people with learning disabilities etc."
"There has been a large and public drive to attract students from very diverse backgrounds."
"European students are sponsored by the Scottish government so there are often a lot of students from all over Europe. English students may also get bursaries to help them with living costs depending on their parents' income."
"There are many different nationalities, religions and people from totally different backgrounds etc. It's great for staying open and getting to know people from all around the world."
"There are people from every corner of the world, which is pretty amazing. There are societies for almost every nationality and I know many students find support there and appreciate the fact that they can spend time speaking their own language and go out to restaurants etc. The university provides language support and I thinks that seeing how diverse the student body is can be quite encouraging."


"They cater to all nationalities and faiths with a good mix of all backgrounds here."
"The university is welcoming and supportive, it's great for international students."
"The university does loads to attract a diverse cohort and we have a lot of European and international students."
"It mostly has students from the EU. Not many international students, though."
"AU is very diverse. There are students from all over the world here."
"Despite being in Scotland, I think that only about half of the students are Scottish."
"The university actively promotes itself as a diverse destination and I know about this from personal experience. It's a very good destination for people from all walks of life."
"We have a very diverse range of students, which is great."
"I think it does a great job. We have such a diverse campus."

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