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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The quality of the lectures varies a lot depending on the courses, but I guess this is to be expected. Another complaint is that some of the buildings are very uninspiring in their design. I understand this is because of budget constraints but it is noteworthy when comparing with other ancient universities. Also, I would like to see more focus on industry contacts. The business school seems extremely academia focused, which I'm sure the business students aren't expecting. The business courses should focus more on developing skills that are useful in a business career, rather than research/academia skills."
"Lecturers don't record all lectures and it feels like sports are not properly supported by the university."
"The weather can be a problem at times. The city of Aberdeen is a bit dull and could have a lot more culture and stuff going on with the university."
"There is not as much support for getting the most out of student life past the first year."
"Aberdeen is not all that close to anything so there are not all that many places to go without a car or money."
"There's not much parking around."
"The counselling service is not as reliable as I had hoped considering Aberdeen prides itself on pastoral care for all students. There needs to be more study spaces, particularly during exam season because the library overflows and many students can't get seats."


"I've had some bad experiences with lecturers."
"There are sometimes examples of poor organisation in the university."
"Aside from offering societies and sports clubs (which, in my opinion, are the most important areas of the 'student experience' anyway), the student association isn't great. Accommodation is expensive in the city and it can be hard to find good flats."
"The lack of a students' union can make it difficult to build a social life."
"The high cost of living in the area."
"Aberdeen is a small city and can feel a bit remote."
"We're not at the top of the rankings and sometimes university management can be problematic. Also, it's a really expensive city."
"Teachers try to help you with career choices but I don't think they're given a lot of training on this as they do not understand the need for developing soft skills."
"The area is expensive for rent and some of the buildings are outdated."
"Aberdeen can be a bit grey and miserable weatherwise."

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