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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are some fun opportunities that arise from joining these groups such as planned nights out in Aberdeen, cooking classes and even movie nights. There are also many places in and around campus for students to meet such as the cafés, restaurants in town or the beach nearby so you can catch up with friends or get to know your new classmates better with a change of scenery each time."
"There are lots of different societies and sports clubs so there's something for everyone. The Aberdeen sports village is also next to the campus providing great facilities for all kinds of sports."
"The uni has lots of social spaces, top notch sports clubs at reasonable membership prices, a wide range of student societies and a vibrant campus."
"We have a really great variety of sports societies and social societies, as well as academic societies and clubs. Good facilities are provided by the university too and it's easy to set one up and get funded if you're interested in that."
"There are a lot of sports clubs and they're very inviting for new comers. There are a lot of casual sports societies as well if you don't like competition."
"There are a lot of sports clubs and societies. Students can practice almost every sport that exists."
"Societies have a big meeting during the first week and some societies are more active and better managed than others. The sports village's gym is supposedly Olympic level and it does have a pool. The rate's pretty cheap for students at around £16 a month."
"The Aberdeen Sports Village is up to scratch and is a brilliant place with a gym, outdoor facilities, swimming pools, diving boards, a sauna and a steam room."


"Many societies are on offer with plenty of choice for everyone."
"Societies are very active and there is a lot to do if you just look around a bit. The atmosphere on campus is great and there's a small and tight group of people."
"The chemistry society is fantastic! It may sound boring but there are actually a lot of fun events that they host."
"There is so much sport at AU. There are loads of choices and something for everyone."
"My university offers a wide range of societies for everyone to choose from."
"There is a large variety of sports and societies, making it easy to socialise and enjoy the things that you like."
"There are more than 130 societies and dozens of sports clubs. If you want to be more active as a student and benefit from the student experience, it's a good place to come."
"The social environment is good but there is no student union so the other options are quite expensive."
"Societies are very welcoming and friendly. It should not be too hard to find common interests."
"There's a fantastic range of societies, activities and sports clubs."

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