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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There's a huge variety of sports and societies that are well run and supported at the uni. We have something for everyone and the students' association is good at helping set up new ones if there is demand. There's lots to do outside of the uni as well."
"I couldn't vouch for the sports union more. I was part of the gymnastics club and had a great time and I know other students in other clubs did too. The university really values sports and will support students in their chosen sport and help them compete. The social side of the university was very good. Being a small uni makes it easy to get to know everyone in your year."
"There are many different sports available including rowing and clay-pigeon shooting. The level of teaching and activities is generally very high."
"We have a fantastic sports culture and cheap access to facilities, with a sports village located a five-minute walk from the main campus, and lots of societies get very generous support and access to plenty of facilities."
"There are plenty of sports societies such as ice skating, climbing, archery and the usual football and hockey. You can join a range of unique societies depending on your interests including circus society, debating society and many, many more!"
"The sports facilities are amazing, especially the 50m pool and outside running track."
"There is a wide range of sports clubs and societies. You can try them for free at the beginning to see if you like them and choose your favourite. It's one of the best things about the university."
"There is a sports village near the university, which is pretty big and very well organised. Discounts are available for students and you can attend classes and use the gym facilities or go to the swimming pool."
"There are more than I can count. Those of my friends who were in societies enjoyed it and I've attended a few guest lectures hosted by the law society and LGBTQ society myself. There are many, many sports clubs within the uni. All societies have membership fees that depend on the activities so some sports societies will have a more expensive fee that covers sports gear and the organisation of events within the group."
"Lots of the clubs/societies are very socially active. I run the Elphinstone Fiddlers (traditional music group) and regularly attend sessions in pubs. There's a good range of opportunities for traditional music."


"Many societies are on offer with plenty of choice for everyone."
"Societies are very active and there is a lot to do if you just look around a bit. The atmosphere on campus is great and there's a small and tight group of people."
"The chemistry society is fantastic! It may sound boring but there are actually a lot of fun events that they host."
"There is so much sport at AU. There are loads of choices and something for everyone."
"My university offers a wide range of societies for everyone to choose from."
"There is a large variety of sports and societies, making it easy to socialise and enjoy the things that you like."
"There are more than 130 societies and dozens of sports clubs. If you want to be more active as a student and benefit from the student experience, it's a good place to come."
"The social environment is good but there is no student union so the other options are quite expensive."
"Societies are very welcoming and friendly. It should not be too hard to find common interests."
"There's a fantastic range of societies, activities and sports clubs."

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