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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is incredible. They do practice interviews, CV checks and give advice on career options etc. They helped me greatly with preparing for my year-long placement and they also run a variety of programmes (students taking active roles in the leadership academy and career mentoring etc) that improve graduate attributes and host presentations from local employers and alumni. They're very good at publicising internship opportunities, graduate jobs, further study and placements and are brilliant at helping you understand what you need to do to apply."
"The careers service has helped me. I was part of the career mentoring scheme where students are paired with a selected mentor for a year. My mentor was brilliant and helped me get onto my dream masters course. The careers service also put on 'careers for biologists' events. While these were put on with good intentions, some of us found them a bit vague."
"The University of Aberdeen puts a lot of thought into work preparation. There are several courses that anyone can sign up to in which you learn how to write a good covering letter, CV and prepare for an interview. Many companies know this and take students as interns, and part-time employees, which can help give you some confidence towards your future."
"I had enormous support from the careers services when working on my CV and looking for internships but I believe it's only because of the friends I have that I was able to find out about all of this. I think the careers service should make themselves more transparent to the students, especially first years."
"The careers service is always there but you need to make the effort to go see them as they will not come to you. There are not that many recruitment opportunities or job opportunities but if you go out and ask for help you will get it. If you don't ask then they can't point you in the correct direction."
"There are internships within the university for undergraduates, which is a huge bonus. The careers service does CV checks and offers tips for applications that are really helpful and you can always get time if you need it. Quite a lot of private firms (especially from the oil industry and engineering) come to present on campus but I think we could do with more diversity in the industries."
"The careers service seeks out placements and job opportunities from all industries and advertises them to the students. They also have sessions where you can go and get advice on CVs and interview techniques."
"There are lots of extracurricular activities available and employability enhancing opportunities. Many work experience, internships and volunteering projects are available and my experience of all this has been great."
"The careers service is very well organised so you can book appointments during which you discuss your CV, your future and your uncertainties. If you are interested in having a job, you can subscribe with your email and they send you updates about internships and jobs."
"I feel like the tutors and lecturers are very supportive of me and always provide feedback to improve my work. I took part in a summer exchange programme that sent me to China for a month and I found that the school was very supportive and encouraging with setting up the opportunity."


"I got great help with my CV and other advice."
"There is always something hosted by the university to help you with your future career."
"The careers service is excellent. They look over CVs, cover letters and personal statements. They also offer practise interviews and provide you with good feedback on your performance. There could be more on-campus recruitment activity or more links with industries, though."
"I had help with my CV and an internship search."
"I found something of a lack of support with obtaining industrial placements."
"I think this is reasonably good. Support is available through the careers service if you want it."
"The careers service hasn't been very useful for me, but many events on campus have been!"
"The careers service is amazing. However, you do need to put in extra work yourself. Students tend to forget that soft skills are as important as the degree."

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