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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is really good. The appointments are plentiful and they are really good at giving you advice, general information or helping you figure out what you want to do with your life. They are also really good for reading over personal statements, CVs and other areas of support are good at reading your essays to give you pointers on how to improve. I was part of the Saltire Scholar programme over summer last year and it is thanks to the university for their relationship with that network that allowed me to sign up. It was a really invaluable experience that I hope the university continues to endorse. I have had other friends that have done placements in science and social science departments thanks to their lecturers. There are careers events and social networking events that the university holds all the time, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. The service also keeps you updated of any upcoming events via email."
"I have had support from the university when applying for internships and getting references for part-time jobs. There are usually work experience and research placements in association with the university and they have links to many companies, oil in particular."
"Uni has been a great place for me to develop skills and get work experience. I've had an opportunity to work as a sustainability consultant at my student accommodation and I co-founded a society. This year I'm creating a marketing campaign for the university innovation accelerator and I'm also doing logistics planning for a big conference that's coming up later this year. On top of this, the careers service has offered professional skills courses, Saltire Scholarship opportunities and advice. So I'm happy with that."
"The support I receive is very helpful and the university provides events solely to do with job opportunities a few times during the academic year."
"I've received help with putting my CV together. There is a student mentoring scheme that is helpful for first years. There is also a paid position of student ambassador that students can apply for."
"Most work placement opportunities revolve around oil and gas (ie engineering) because this is the main financial structure in Aberdeen. Most life sciences (my degree) placements are with microbiology companies and we also have a careers service at my university that's good and helpful."
"I have consulted the careers service in Aberdeen to inquire about careers advice and co-curricular opportunities available to me and I am pleased with what I have seen thus far. I plan to make good use of the services available to me as they are entirely free and easy to communicate with on the University of Aberdeen website or on CareerConnect."
"I went to a meeting to check my CV and to have some tips on it. I only had about seven minutes to talk with the specialist and the advice was not as helpful as I hoped. Moreover, I don't think there are enough job opportunities for students."


"I got great help with my CV and other advice."
"There is always something hosted by the university to help you with your future career."
"The careers service is excellent. They look over CVs, cover letters and personal statements. They also offer practise interviews and provide you with good feedback on your performance. There could be more on-campus recruitment activity or more links with industries, though."
"I had help with my CV and an internship search."
"I found something of a lack of support with obtaining industrial placements."
"I think this is reasonably good. Support is available through the careers service if you want it."
"The careers service hasn't been very useful for me, but many events on campus have been!"
"The careers service is amazing. However, you do need to put in extra work yourself. Students tend to forget that soft skills are as important as the degree."

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