UCL (University College London)


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It is one of the top-ranked universities in the world. This prestige is translated in their methods of teaching and their approach to learning."
"It's located in the centre of London. My classmates are from all over the world so there's a multicultural environment that always feel happy and international."
"The location and connections, as well as having lecturers at the forefront of research and academia within their field."
"Lots of societies and tons of things to do in London! The uni is in a great part of London as well. Lecturers are great at their research and UCL is highly ranked."
"Incredibly diverse and multicultural. The uni is research-focused and we're being taught by some of the best in their field. The location is great and central too."
"Location. Better social life than other top universities. Good people. Good reputation. Living in London makes it easy to go to careers events."
"The freedom that the university offers to the students. The opportunity to meet new people from all around the world."
"The optimal and innovative workload along with a varied study programme (labs, tutorials, creativity workshops). The multinational community, extracurricular events run by societies (talks, lectures etc) and careers advice services."
"The social life is great and there is a large mix of people. There are also so many things to do in London so you never get bored."
"Location is great for access to resources as we have the Senate Library, the British Library, SOAS etc. Also, the reputation helps when applying for graduate jobs. My lecturers are also really good."

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