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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a wide array of clubs, bars, cafés, cinemas and theatres to visit. Nightlife could not be better in London."
"There's an abundance of pubs and bars of all different vibes from super swanky to very casual. There are clubs more local to UCL such as Loop (which is a cult location for sports night every Wednesday), KOKO and Scala. Club de Fromage is awesome for cheesy music and Fabric for the complete opposite."
"A lot of students at UCL live in Camden, which has a lively atmosphere at night. Night buses/tubes and ubers/taxis mean that a wide variety of pubs and clubs are available across London if you're willing to travel. The union bars are cheap but fun and there are special cheap student-only nights at local clubs such as sports night on a Wednesday night."
"There are plenty of pubs and clubs, many of which offer student discounts and student events. There are night events at museums and there are comedy nights on campus as well as film clubs, drama groups and improv."
"Since UCL is in central London, you can not only go to the uni bars but you can access any nightclubs, pubs or cocktail bars you want to. You can also mix drinking with other activities such as golf."
"There are many pubs at the university and a lot of them are quite cheap. London has great nightlife but it can be very expensive."
"There's obviously a huge variety, although it's very expensive so you can't go out very often. I actually really enjoy the night events at museums such as the Tate Lates etc."


"London is one of the best cities to be in as a student as there's so much to do. It is quite an expensive city, but you can find some cheap/free things to do too. Check out the website TimeOut!"
"Busy and varied but with London prices to go along with it."
"London has a great nightlife."
"London easily has the best clubs and far more than anywhere else. There are plenty of different styles of club (grime, cheese etc) all within a reasonable distance. Also, there are many cinemas, pubs and unrivalled shopping experiences."
"There is so much to do in London! Clubs, bars, pubs, theatre, movies, dining places... There's surely something for everyone."
"There are many clubs and bars to choose from every night."
"It's London, what isn't there?"
"It's in the centre of London so we're close to all major club venues, bars and pubs. There's great transport links from nearby stations too."
"A lot. London is huge but can sometimes be so big that it's hard to work out what to do. I especially found this during my first year."
"Clubs, museums and lots of places to eat."

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