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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"We're in a beautiful location in Bloomsbury that feels like a campus and there's lots to do in central London. Student accommodation is very nice and well-worth the money given its location right in Bloomsbury."
"London is an amazing place to study because there are so many university centres and world leaders in research. The library facilities have improved considerably since I started, especially opening hours and study spaces. There are many university coffee shops where one can purchase good quality food and drink at reasonable prices. The gym and the swimming pool are great places to unwind and catch up with friends."
"The location is in central London, which is great but very expensive to find accommodation nearby. The classrooms are good and well-equipped but there are too many students and sometimes we get a room that hasn't got tables and chairs for everyone. The computer rooms are great but there are not enough of them during the exam preparation period. The gym is expensive and not particularly good. The other facilities are not the best either."
"London is obviously a great place to study with lots going on. Classrooms are perfectly fine, but suitable classrooms are not always available as the student body is larger than the capacity of the university. The same goes for the libraries, which are excellent but fill quickly. The cafés, bars and gyms are good."
"The campus is compact and sociable. Student accommodation is very overpriced but adequate. There is so much to do in the area during the day as Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Southbank and Camden are all within walking distance. You never get bored living this centrally in London."
"The location is beautiful and allows you to get anywhere in London fast. The campus is beautiful and historic but there isn't enough space to accommodate the 40,000 students. The facilities for postgraduate students are nice but limited and student accommodation is too expensive for what it is. There is so much to do around UCL that I could spend an entire day listing them and I still wouldn't encompass them all. There are many different places to eat, visit and enjoy so you are never without something to do."
"You're in London so you can do pretty much anything you want. There are uni gyms, cafés, coffee shops and bars etc. Accommodation is spread across London in many different buildings, halls and student houses. This means there is something to suit everyone's needs."
"UCL is located in the Westminster centre in zone one of London, which is a super convenient location to travel to all kinds of museums. The campus is great as we have the largest education library in Europe and people are really nice here."


"London campuses are great and central. I stayed in central accommodation, which is a five-minute walk from campus and was well kept. There are facilities a-plenty, many near cafes and libraries. However, the gym is not great, although it is located on campus with an affordable student membership. It's too small to cater to the UCL population, the equipment is a bit dated and the facility is in need of refurbishment. Otherwise, I have no reason for complaint. There's also a theatre with regular shows."
"UCL is in the heart of London, the location is absolutely great. You can take a bus and be in Camden in 10 minutes or walk for about 15 minutes and be in Covent Garden. The campus is very well-equipped with cafeterias and pubs all around. It offers all you need. They also provide great services for students such as counselling, careers service and medical care etc."
"Being in central London is great with good transport links and being very close to shops and cafes etc. Because the campus is in the centre of London, there isn't much room for the university to expand and have better facilities. For example, the uni gym is far too small for the number of people that use it."
"The university is in Central London, which is a really good thing if you want to have an international experience to its fullest. UCL provides each of its students with every facility they need to feel socially integrated, but also to do their best at the final exams. UCL's accommodation is maintained properly and has decent prices compared to the private accommodation. Almost every hall is centrally located so you can experience the full London life. Almost every accommodation is relatively close to the university."
"The location is perfect. There is always something to do and you never get bored. My accommodation was very nice but I understand that this is not necessarily the case for others. The libraries are all very good, although they could do with a few more computer clusters. The sporting scene is a bit sub-par, which comes from being in central London."
"The location is excellent and near a lot of central places that are easy to access. London never gets boring! There are loads of different libraries that we all have access to."
"Very central with a small, but good, campus, though there's not enough room for all the students attending. Student accommodation is generally good-quality but expensive."
"Location is fantastic and right at the heart of London. The campus is great, I really like that everything is so compact and it feels like a genuine campus university. The student accommodation is overpriced, however, and some is a bit run down."
"The location is convenient as the university is located just down the road from Oxford Street and Camden market, making it good for shopping. Also, there are many transport links close by."
"Student accommodation is expensive and not always to a great standard. Libraries and study spaces are constantly full to capacity and the gym, although good value, is also constantly too busy. The student theatre is currently shut and cafes are quite expensive."

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