UCL (University College London)

Fun Facts

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"We're in close proximity to other London schools and universities including RADA, King's, Birkbeck and SOAS. This makes socialising a really diverse and interesting thing to do as there's such a wide variety of people to interact with."
"The UCL management closed down our on-campus theatre, The Bloomsbury, to turn it into a teaching space. Presidents from the arts societies gathered and, together with other students, started a protest to 'Bring Back The Bloomsbury'. We were heard. The theatre has undergone a major refurbishment with much better facilities including more performing space, a bigger auditorium and much more. Power to the arts and power to students!"
"There is an institute of making on campus where, if you register as a member, you can literally make anything that comes to your head with help from the professionals at the institute. It ranges from metals to pottery to sewing."
"It's the first uni to admit people of all faiths and races and to admit women. It's also the third oldest uni in the UK."
"UCL was the first university in the UK to freely accept all students regardless of their gender or religion. Also, many scientific breakthroughs happen right here on campus. There's a whole colony of fish in the Anatomy Building basement that is monitored by the biosciences department."
"It's not just the people at UCL that are famous as the buildings are often used in filming. The front quad was used as a model for ancient Rome in Gladiator and Batman Begins features the DMS Watson library as the Gotham Print Room and the Thomas Lewis room in the Rockefeller Building was the setting for the courtroom scene. Perhaps most famously of all, scenes from Inception were shot in the front quad, a lecture theatre and the main library."
"Argon was discovered here in 1894."
"Jeremy Bentham, the founder of UCL, requested that his body be on show in the university once he died. And it is (coated in wax and in a case)."

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