UCL (University College London)

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"People with lower incomes could not afford to study here due to the high rent. The City is very tailored to wealthy students."
"I'm Turkish and I meet people from all around the world!"
"Yes it does. Different festivals are held every week so different ethnic backgrounds all have their UCL day."
"UCL is widely known for its international background and for supporting diversity."
"It definitely does in terms of ethnicity. However, I would say that, due to the cost of living, it may be out of reach for lower-income households despite student loans and grants. This is something that is very apparent but doesn't really bother me."
"Definitely. There are many cultural societies and there is also the international students' orientation programme for freshers. The union always holds events such as Black History Month etc."
"UCL is the university with the most international students in the UK."
"It's called London's Global University but, while there may be many races, it still has all the usual integration problems. Although people are nice, I sometimes find it hard to get over the cultural barrier as an international student."
"It does in the sense that it holds events for people of different backgrounds (ie Chinese New Year celebrations in the main quad etc)."
"I don't think UCL does much specifically to cater for students from diverse backgrounds but, given its reputation and the fact that it's in London, it does attract quite a diverse student population."

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