UCL (University College London)


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's a very high and constant workload so pressure can be quite high. More study spaces are needed in the science library and more space to eat inside would be good."
"The administration is sometimes very slow and disorganised and communication between different levels of the organisation and between departments is poor. This extends to communication with the student body and only gets worse as the student body keeps increasing. It also means that rooming and availability of suitable rooms is an issue at times."
"It's in the city centre, there's no actual campus. We have very few facilities compared to the number of students that study there and the facilities we have are pretty basic and not great. The social life is rather dull and there's a lack of variety."
"There aren't enough study spaces, especially when UCL takes on an incredibly large number of undergraduate and postgraduate students from home and overseas."
"There's a lack of communal university feeling and not enough contact hours. While resources are good, on-campus facilities can be lacking. For example, there's not enough space in the library and not enough printers or computers. We also have classrooms that are too big or too small."
"The cost of living in London and the expensive tuition fees."
"Academic strikes, a lack of support within my department for students with learning disabilities and reluctance from the university to support students going through difficult or challenging times during the academic year."
"London is a very busy place to live and London prices are different to what things in the rest of the UK cost. Some of the lectures are too big to allow you to ask questions directly."


"Places can sometimes be too crowded and finding a place in the library can be a struggle."
"The accommodation is so expensive both in and out of university halls."
"It's expensive to live in London, accommodation especially. Sometimes, tutorials can just be like another lecture."
"The cost of living in London."
"There is not enough support or facilities for extracurricular activities."
"There's not enough room for all the students and not enough study spaces."
"It can be very difficult to find a study area and the number of library spaces is insufficient. This has had a negative impact on my studies and concentration. Little guidance was offered when I was selecting modules and dissertation topics."
"It's expensive and feels very big and anonymous a lot of the time. It's oversubscribed and the lecture halls/libraries etc aren't big enough. Social life could be better at UCL."
"A very compact study space with few laptops, so people have to queue for them. Also, poorly organised support resources for study and revision."
"The cost of living in London and poor quality of some of the halls of residence."

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