UCL (University College London)


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The admin staff take ages to get anything done and the standard of teaching can be poor due to the low level of English that some lecturers possess. There's not enough library space, especially during the exam season, and the student accommodation in first year is ludicrously expensive given the standard of it. The gym is far too small for the number of people that go."
"There are possibly too many students as facilities get very busy."
"The price of student living in London. It's also very easy to feel lost or isolated."
"Some of the facilities are run-down and lectures sometimes take place in run-down basements with toilets that don't work. It's very cold in lecture theatres during winter, so much so that some people actually leave the room before the lecture finishes."
"Some tutorial sessions have a high student to staff ratio (eg 155 students for three staff)."
"Living in London is hard and everything around the university is expensive. I don't feel that my university subsidises as much as it could, this is especially evident when it comes to rent."
"We receive a varying level of competence from lecturers. Some are interesting while some are boring and irrelevant. I feel as if not enough attention is paid to what happens in lectures and more emphasis and importance seems to be placed on research by the institution as a whole. The time taken between writing something and receiving a mark can be months. If marks and feedback came earlier, we could have the chance to learn from our mistakes and take constructive criticism on board."
"The worst things about my university are that the facilities and buildings are quite outdated and not as compatible with technology as modern buildings. Also, the feedback on our marking is below average and takes a long time."
"The fees and living costs are very expensive and there's limited financial support, especially for EU and international students. There appears to be a disconnect between the academic and administrative staff and higher level university officials."
"UCL is a relatively small city university so classes are held at various locations to accommodate the increase in students. Having lectures in hotel ballrooms and public halls rented out to UCL can be off-putting for those who prefer to have a fixed classroom."


"Places can sometimes be too crowded and finding a place in the library can be a struggle."
"The accommodation is so expensive both in and out of university halls."
"It's expensive to live in London, accommodation especially. Sometimes, tutorials can just be like another lecture."
"The cost of living in London."
"There is not enough support or facilities for extracurricular activities."
"There's not enough room for all the students and not enough study spaces."
"It can be very difficult to find a study area and the number of library spaces is insufficient. This has had a negative impact on my studies and concentration. Little guidance was offered when I was selecting modules and dissertation topics."
"It's expensive and feels very big and anonymous a lot of the time. It's oversubscribed and the lecture halls/libraries etc aren't big enough. Social life could be better at UCL."
"A very compact study space with few laptops, so people have to queue for them. Also, poorly organised support resources for study and revision."
"The cost of living in London and poor quality of some of the halls of residence."

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