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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"People should know that we have everything including sports, religion, dance, chocolate and Harry Potter. If the society you want isn't already here, you can create it."
"We have a wide range of different societies from traditional ones such as basketball to less common ones such as the gaming society and anime society."
"UCL offers a lot of things but it doesn't advertise them very well. Future students should really go looking for the things they want to be involved with at the university."
"It's a great environment with a lot of different sports clubs and societies so sometimes you do get overwhelmed by the amount of these. Whatever you like, there is something for you and you can always create your own society or club if not."
"The gym at the university is very tiny and needs more facilities. The cafeteria is very expensive."
"There's an enormous variety of clubs and societies to choose from ranging from the usual sports clubs such as netball, football and rugby etc all the way to more obscure societies like Cheese Grater magazine, the Louis Theroux society, the Beyoncé appreciation society and the baking society."
"The social environment is good. The students' union is vast and there's an array of clubs and societies to suit every student's needs. There are even some less conventional ones like the chocolate society, which is perfect for anyone who likes chocolate enough to do more than just eat it."
"UCL offers a huge variety of societies and clubs. You will find everything sports-related such as rugby, MMA or even pole dancing. When it comes to non-sports societies, UCL has an impressive number of them, from the prestigious economics and finance society to the fun Y.A.S (Yoncé Appreciation Society), which is a society centred on Beyoncé, to the mountaineering society. There will be something for everyone and, if there isn't, you have the possibility to expand and create your own society with the students' union."
"The university could organise more social events as it only hosts a few social events each year. However, there are many societies that organise their own events, especially the sports clubs. They have good links with the unis and sponsors so their events are often subsidised and they are extremely popular. There are lots of uni events but I don't think many of them are directly organised by the uni themselves."
"The university has lots of societies and opportunities to get involved in. On top of student societies, there are organisations and events that you can hear about easily and get involved with as we are a capital city. University of London societies mean we have double the amount. I would say that UCL is very sociable as it is a large university with people studying many different subjects."


"The social environment is amazing, sports/clubs are abundant and so are societies. Societies at UCL make the experience a lot better."
"It's awesome. There are so many clubs and societies to join. Everybody being in different clubs can make it feel segregated in a way but I guess you can't know everybody."
"UCL has lots of sports clubs and societies so, if a student has a passion or a hobby, there is a society or a sports club where he or she can follow this passion."
"There are lots of different societies and Wednesday afternoons are always set aside for sports."
"The social environment is rather good on the whole. Sports clubs have societies who go to sports night every Wednesday (of course you don't have to be part of a team to go), which is great for team bonding. Also, there are hundreds of societies, at least one of which will grab your attention if not more!"
"Societies are great and have a great social life. We also benefit from being able to join University of London societies. Obviously, we don't have as many facilities so we have to travel a bit more to train etc. It's still worth it though. Plus, away matches are much easier to get to as everywhere connects to London."
"The social life is great and the university societies are very prominent on campus. With over 200 societies there is something for everyone. Sports clubs require a lot of time commitment but provide a great social base. In terms of rankings, our teams aren't the best nationwide and facilities are far from campus, but they are great to join if you love a sport (beginners welcome too!)."
"So many sports clubs and societies to join, you also have the option of opening your own if you have enough support, which is good."
"Sports clubs and societies are really good, although a lot of activities are spread quite far across London. Being a member of a society is really good for feeling like you belong to community and being part of your university."
"The social environment is great but if you don't like drinking it can be a little limited."

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