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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The law school has its own careers advisor and he has helped me improve my job applications. The Law Society is also extremely active in organising careers events for students interested in a career at the bar or as a solicitor."
"It offers a range of career seminars as well as contacts with possible employers."
"One can get daily or monthly emails telling us about job opportunities and job vacancies including part-time jobs. There are many job vacancies for any field and you can also specialise your study area and get emails related to your study or interest."
"Careers appointments are available to discuss CVs and covering letters with mock interviews also being available. The careers service has dedicated weeks throughout the year for different career areas including charity, finance, health and sciences where there are networking events and talks. A list of placements is published that students then apply for with CVs and interviews. Additionally, we have one clinic visit where we sit within a doctor's office and watch appointments for one morning."
"The careers service is helpful and there are many careers fairs during the whole year so students are always supported. However, students need to ask for help and push to get the best out of the careers service."
"The support from the careers service is great as it does a two-week programme to teach us how to write CVs and cover letters, as well as how to conduct interviews and how to talk to prospective employers. There are also careers fairs organised. The CV help and one-to-one workshops aren't as good as the other services as you always get a different person and they often give conflicting advice."
"The UCL careers team is very helpful and has provided me with useful advice pertaining to improving my CV as well as helping me with PhD studentship applications. I've been offered mock interviews and assessment days, which are very helpful."
"The careers support has been minimal within the course itself but students can get in contact both online and in person. Employers that present on campus range from banks to legal firms as well as research groups and arts centres such as museums, galleries. The alumni network is okay and has made more of an effort to improve it in recent years, which is working well. There are a few placements on offer but it generally seems like students are expected to manage those on their own during term time and there is not much guidance in this regard."


"Excellent careers service and UCL job fairs are first class."
"The careers service is excellent and very efficient. They provide one-to-one appointments, practice interviews, CV and cover letter checks. They also organise lots of talks about job hunting and applications. We have a lot of careers fairs happening on campus, and top companies are coming to talk to us about their work and recruitment."
"I've had a mock interview and interview help with the careers service. The alumni evening was helpful and brought in graduates from the department with different careers to discuss their paths."
"The careers service is not as good as it could be. They don't have great bonds with companies. For example, some unis have mechanical engineering companies present at all times. UCL does not."
"UCL's careers service makes regular appointments for CV checking and for mock interviews. They are willing to help you with questions about employability and prepare for the job you dream of."
"Lots of presentations on CVs and assessment centres. We have specific careers days for chemical engineering and visits from industry professionals."
"Lots of things to go to but, if you want it, you have to apply etc. They send you many emails telling you about loads of different opportunities. Also, being in London means you can attend firms' events."
"Many employers come to campus. The careers service has fairs at the beginning of term, such as the banking and finance fair, law fair etc and these are well attended. The employers also work with societies and have many events on and off campus."
"There are a lot of talks and our department offers one-to-one appointments regarding career questions."
"Careers service is excellent and the careers team are friendly and helpful. My course (mechanical engineering) is especially good for holding careers talks to give us guidance on getting an internship, writing CVs, preparing for interviews etc."

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