Teesside University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Great facilities and the uni is very student-based and proud of their students."
"Everything is very close together and gives a real community feel. The campus is very modern and bright, it's a great place to be. Employability is a high priority for the university and many summer placements are offered on a range of courses to ensure that you're able to get a job when leaving. Staff are very good at teaching, very friendly and supportive if you need help. The university halls are cheaper than most universities and of good quality. The facilities for my course are top of the range and reflect industry standards. The students' union is excellent and hosts events every day and night, as well as having a great pub and shop."
"The staff were amazingly supportive when I had a family emergency last year and was going through a very hard time."
"It's easy to commute to, in a good location and near to leisure and social facilities. It's a modern university and currently being extended further."
"Everything on campus is in one location and great support is given to dyslexic students. I also really like the location in the town and the job opportunities available while studying."
"The nightlife is great, there's something to suit everyone and everything is close by."
"The nightlife, friendly atmosphere, campus and facilities as well as opportunities and support."
"The quality of the buildings and available services."
"The opportunities gained from learning a wide range of topics. Lecturers always have time for you and try to make university life the best they can."
"There's a good SU and lots going on as well as clubs and societies for most things."

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