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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
5.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Some of the clubs and pubs can feel less safe after people have a bit to drink."
"There are a number of pubs on campus and more in the surrounding area, and prices around the university are cheaper than most other cities. There are also a number of clubs with different themes around the town centre. Taxis are easily found in Middlesbrough during the night."
"The town is small so the nightlife will never be the biggest. However, the night life is not too bad for the size of the town and can be quite enjoyable on most nights."
"There are plenty of pubs on campus and the students' union often holds parties. There are also pubs and clubs near the university."


"Many bars, clubs and pubs are available so there are opportunities for great nights out."
"Very good all round and there is a mix of themed nights to suit everybody from chart to rock to pop and dance."
"You can visit the art gallery, walk in the park or go to the cinema. Go-karting is available in the next town and it only costs £10 for a taxi there and back."
"There are plenty of pubs, clubs and bars as well as places to eat."
"There are cocktail bars and clubs with nights to suit all types of music fans."
"There are different nights out for every night of the week."
"Bowling, cinema, shopping, indoor trampolining, paintballing and lots of bars and restaurants."
"Lots of clubs and bars, there's a good variety here."
"It could be better. However, there's something for everyone no matter what music you're into."
"It's only a short train ride to the beach (Saltburn or Redcar) and there are lots of shops and bars. We also have a decent gym with student rates, a cinema, plenty of restaurants and an art museum."

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