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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
6.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus is great but not perfect due to the limited student accommodation and the high price per room. The gym could be bigger but it does the job."
"The university campus is located near Middlesbrough city centre and the university offers a shuttle bus service to travel around Middlesbrough and to the nearby bus station, which allows access to other areas of the North East. There are a number of pubs and restaurants on campus and in the surrounding areas that may appeal to some students. Middlesbrough is not the most modern city, is not as clean as the campus and road access through the city is not the best. Each school of study has a building specific to it on campus and the resources, materials and software needed for these courses are readily available. Students from different schools are not always isolated in their buildings as most courses will have lectures in the shared ten-storey Middlesbrough Tower building."
"There is lots to do at Teesside. It is right in the centre of the town, which gives all students close access to the clubs and bars in the town centre. The people are generally friendly and there are lots of shisha lounges and snooker bars. The food is not the best in comparison to other cities, excluding the odd food joint here and there."
"The campus itself is nice and modern but it is a shame that the area in Middlesbrough surrounding the university is an eyesore and scruffy. There is a gym that is reasonably priced for students and there are plenty of cafés, pubs and places to eat on campus."


"The town is very modern and has everything you could possibly need or want. The campus and facilities supplied by the uni are of a high standard and the student accommodation is really good too."
"It's a good location that's close to everything. Accommodation is brand new and good value for money."
"I commute so the fact that it's just next to the bus stop is extremely handy."
"We're in a popular area that's busy but clean with good shops and leisure facilities nearby."
"It's in a really good location in the town centre and works to improve its facilities regularly. Food is quite expensive for what you get in some cafes. Student accommodation is a good price in comparison to other universities but some of them really do need modernising."
"Student accommodation could be better but it's good overall. The campus is great and laid out well as everything's within walking distance."
"It's a city centre campus with a small gym, a climbing wall and a good students' union bar."
"We have great facilities! The town was a little run down but the people and social life are really good."
"The university is in the town centre and surrounded by bars, restaurants and pubs. The facilities at Teesside are of a high standard and are only getting better. Student accommodation is also improving with new luxury private halls being built."
"It's a great location close to the town centre with lots of accommodation close by."

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