Teesside University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The town is very grey and old and there's not as much to do around here as I'd like. The shopping options are pretty poor too. Feedback on work from some tutors is brief and unhelpful."
"Sometimes modules and assignments were a bit mixed up or confusing."
"It's not a very nice area to live in."
"There have been some problems with timetabling lectures and classes."
"Marking is sometimes inconsistent and there could be more exam support in some modules."
"The north is cold."
"The library can be noisy at times."
"Occasional tight deadlines can lead to stress."
"Feedback has been known to be slow in the past. However, I do think effort is being made to resolve this."
"The science department doesn't have access to the most modern equipment."

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