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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There's a broad range of societies and sport clubs that are sponsored by the students' union, which is doing a great job."
"The university offers a number of societies and clubs and creating new ones is allowed. There are over 1000 students active in clubs and societies and these offer a great way to meet new people on different courses."


"The university has lots of clubs and societies, both sporting and non sporting. You also have the ability to start your own club if you want to. The students' union supports clubs a lot and I feel this is something very good for students."
"There are plenty of clubs and societies available from badminton to battle re-enactment. There's something for everyone."
"The uni has lots of social and sports clubs with cheap membership."
"We've got many, many societies including obscure and strange ones."
"Wednesday afternoons are always scheduled off on the timetable to allow all students to participate in sports/physical activity and there are regular emails sent out to let people know what is happening and where."
"There's lots of variety in the sports clubs and societies you can join. If you're interested in doing social stuff outside of uni, there is definitely something for everyone."
"There are sports and societies for everyone. If there's something that doesn't exist but you'd like to see, the SU will help you set up that club!"
"Teesside has a large choice of societies to get involved with. Sports are a huge part of this uni and they all have their own social groups."
"They're pretty good as long as you join at the start of a year. It can be tough joining sports clubs part way through as they can become quite cliquey."
"There are lots and lots of clubs. I was in the surf club and loved it."

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