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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service was one of the best services that I have ever used. Not only do they make sure your CV is perfect, but they also teach students tips and tricks that can lead them to a job. Before going to them I was rejected by 20 placements and, after I had my CV checked at their office, I was offered two placements almost instantly."
"The university offers career days every year where employers are invited to the university to offer advice and information on available placements and how students can gain more experience to improve their employability. Lecturers also invite guest speakers from the industry to offer advice and advertise any placements available. There is a volunteering scheme offered by the university that can improve the skills of students, increase their employability and provide for the surrounding community. The university has good links with engineering industries such as the Nissan Sunderland UK Plant and Amey. The armed services also advertise on campus and provide advice and opportunities."
"The university hosts many open sessions with professionals in all fields that allow the students to communicate and get to grips with real-life work scenarios. It also hosts many trips to actual working sites that further enhances students' understanding of life after university."


"I found them excellent and available."
"I think they could do more for postgraduates as most of the support is aimed at undergrads."
"An event is hosted at the university each year for computing students. This is a showcase event where employers come and look at the students' work."
"I'm on a video game development course and the university frequently holds networking events where you can meet with local developers, talk about games topics and play some in-development games. This is valuable as it gives you a good idea of what's currently coming to the market and tangents you could possibly go off on. It also allows you to meet people currently in the industry and make connections as well as receive advice on what you need to do with your work to get better. There is also a summer placement scheme open to both first and second years that offers a wide range of short-term paid jobs to get your first experience of industry and work. Year-long placements are also offered, though there are far fewer and, as such, they are very competitive; only a couple of students ever receive these. Finally, there is an event called Animex every February, which is similar to a TED talk event. Many big-name game developers from all over the world are invited to talk about different topics in the industry and give valuable advice on how to make it. This is followed by a networking event with the speakers. On-campus recruitment fairs are also held every now and then with many different and diverse companies turning up to advertise."
"The careers service has been great. We have graduate schemes and jobs advertised and various companies provide presentations, in addition to an annual careers fair."
"I've had very good support from the careers service, in particular during my second year of studying when I was enrolled on a mentoring scheme for mature students. I was paired with a professional from an organisation that matched my career prospects and received support and networking skills from them for the duration of that year of study. There are also a number of recruiting events that take place every few months on campus and attract a number of students."
"You have some lectures with them but you have to take the initiative and actively engage to get any real benefits."
"The careers service provided loads of support on careers."
"The careers fairs don't cater equally for every course."

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