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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The staff are extremely friendly and the lectures are recorded so you can easily catch up when you're unwell."
"There is a lot of academic support available including essay writing workshops and maths and statistics workshops. The library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
"The campus is secure and the facilities are all accessible. The course has been greatly improving my skills and confidence and the university also offers great employability support."
"There are excellent teaching standards and the research is some of the best in the UK, being fifth in some of the league tables."
"There are great courses and interesting modules. The uni is in a beautiful location in Singleton Park, right opposite a beach. There are many clubs, societies and sports to join so you're completely spoiled for choice."
"The university supports you in every area from grades to finance to housing. Just ask and there will be help. Swansea is such a cheap area to live in as well and the nightlife is amazing."
"We have supportive lecturers and the students' union is great. There are lots of activities and fundraisers for student welfare."
"The location is excellent for an undergraduate and the courses are challenging and interesting. Both the lecturers and the university itself are very supportive of students who need it. The location itself is one of the greatest bonuses with the university being a short walk from Swansea Bay with many lecture theatres overlooking the beach. Aside from this, Swansea itself is great with brilliant nightlife, a cheap cost of living (standard rent is around £270 per month without bills) and is very close to the scenic Gower peninsular."


"That the lecturers can be contacted and seen easily."
"The campus is right next to the beach. There are lots of societies so you can meet up with like-minded people no matter what your interests are. I have found people to be very friendly in Swansea and the lecturers are always very interested in their topics, which helps students to get more involved."
"There's a good student atmosphere."
"The location and great social life as well as the excellent teaching."
"The student life is very social and support is always readily available for any issue. The location is exquisite!"
"I get the opportunity to learn new things about my future career as well as theories that I can apply later in my life."
"We have the beach nearby and the university is in the top 10 for my course."
"Its proximity to the sea (I study marine biology) as well as the other university students and the nightlife!"
"My supervisor matches my interests perfectly."
"The location is outstanding and my course lecturers are passionate about what they're teaching."

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