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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Wind Street is the place to be. The biggest clubs have got to be Sin City, Fiction and Idols. There are lots of bars like Las Iguanas, Bambu, Jack Murphys and several Wetherspoons. There are loads of pubs as well."
"There is a massive street full of pubs and clubs that gets closed by the police at night so you are safe walking in the road."
"There is such a huge variety of pubs and clubs. The most fun ones are definitely the beach themed bars like Bambu or KonTiki."
"There's a mix of clubs and bars with different events on each night as well as student nights. There are restaurants and bars for quieter nights."
"Wind Street is Swansea's vibrant nightlife hot spot. There's plenty of fun to be had with rows of restaurants, pubs and clubs. This is especially true during Freshers and ReFreshers and also the student night."
"Swansea's club on campus is notorious for being incredibly cheap and is overwhelmingly packed on Fridays due to being within sight of the Singleton campus student accommodation. There's also an abundance of pubs in the local area and, for the more adventurous, there is the Mumbles Mile, a chain of 12 pubs in the nearby village of Mumbles, which is the perfect location for a pub crawl. I cannot stress enough the cheapness of a night out in Swansea. There have been many nights out where I have gotten home at 3.00 am and still have change from only starting with £10 in my pocket."


"Mostly there are opportunities for sports and some restaurants."
"There are lots of pubs and nightclubs and many of them do special events on different nights."
"Wind street is full of clubs and bars."
"Cinema, laser tag and restaurants."
"You can find many restaurants and clubs within a very close vicinity."
"There is a whole street full of different places to go out and two student union clubs."
"Clubbing, pubs, food and shopping."
"There's absolutely tons to do in the city and the surrounding area. You can go for nights out, spend days on the many beaches or even go to see the local football team play. You'll never be short of a good time!"
"There are lots of bars and clubs that are all in the same area. There are also things like bowling and laser tag etc."
"There's a street full of clubs, two cinemas, a bowling alley, Lazerzone and more. There's plenty to do!"

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