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Night life
8.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's incredible. There are many venues and a wide range of places to go to suit everyone's likes and wants. There are tropical bars and clubs as well as contemporary clubs, high-end clubs and various music clubs as well as typical pubs etc. Events are run throughout the year mainly during the beginning, end and middle of the year. They vary in style and theme."
"Sin City has the best music and affordable drinks as well as live music nights and books great bands. The club in the students' union is terrible-looking and tiny but it's £1 drinks so it's always packed. Wind Street has a great variety of clubs and there's pretty much something for everyone but it can be expensive."
"Most of the bars and clubs are all on the same street, which is great and there is a nice amount of choice between clubs. There are plenty of pubs all over Swansea as well as plenty of other activities such as going to the cinema or having a meal out in one of the many restaurants."
"Wind Street is known in the UK as one of the best places to go for a night out and it is absolutely true. There are clubs and pubs aplenty that range from small to big and play any type of music you'd want."
"Swansea is in the city centre with most of the clubs and nightlife occurring on the one street. Due to the cooperation of businesses, the city and the police, it's an extremely safe and well organised place to enjoy the nightlife. Due to this, Swansea has actually achieved Purple Flag status."
"Wind Street is the main hub of activity for nightlife with clubs like Peppermint and Fiction as well as various pubs and restaurants. There are always meet ups with clubs and societies throughout the week and a student night (Wednesday) where you can get great student discounts."
"There's a huge variety of bars and alcohol isn't overpriced."
"There are lots of pubs and clubs as well as lots of lovely restaurants. There are cinemas and a bowling alley too so there is lots to do."
"There is one main location within the town centre where people go called Wind Street (pronounced wine). This is a long stretch of road that has continuous pubs, clubs and bars on either side of it. This is the location where most students go and the road is closed off to traffic and well patrolled by police every Wednesday (student might), Friday and Saturday. There are other areas in Swansea where people go on a night out and the club Sin City is a common one."


"Mostly there are opportunities for sports and some restaurants."
"There are lots of pubs and nightclubs and many of them do special events on different nights."
"Wind street is full of clubs and bars."
"Cinema, laser tag and restaurants."
"You can find many restaurants and clubs within a very close vicinity."
"There is a whole street full of different places to go out and two student union clubs."
"Clubbing, pubs, food and shopping."
"There's absolutely tons to do in the city and the surrounding area. You can go for nights out, spend days on the many beaches or even go to see the local football team play. You'll never be short of a good time!"
"There are lots of bars and clubs that are all in the same area. There are also things like bowling and laser tag etc."
"There's a street full of clubs, two cinemas, a bowling alley, Lazerzone and more. There's plenty to do!"

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