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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The Singleton campus has a lovely park on one side and a beach on the other, both are less than five minutes from the main buildings. The library is great but could be bigger and the online resources are even better. Some of the buildings look a bit dilapidated from the outside but most are good on the inside and work is taking place on those that aren't. The research grant means that the lab facilities have been improved and expanded. The new Bay campus is beautiful, right on the beach and the facilities are second to none. Most of the student accommodation is of good quality other than the student village. There are plenty of shops and places to eat on campus although there could always be more hot food."
"I think the music practice room does not provide enough and it would be better to provide more kinds of music instruments eg drum kits in the library on Singleton campus. More seats in the silent area would be good too."
"The university is close to the beach, the city centre and the countryside, which is great. The campus is run down in some areas (old engineering building, some toilets and PC labs) but overall I like it. The student accommodation on campus reflects the price you pay. There are loads of activities in the day from surfing to the cinema."
"The newly-built campus is quite far from the town and, despite having a lot of buses running, they can either get very busy or just not show up. The facilities have been improved but there are still not enough and they can be better. The computer labs are often too busy towards assignment deadlines. On campus there is a sports hall and football pitches, but you have to pay for them so they are rarely used. Swansea has an array of activities you can do that you would expect from any town."
"The location of Swansea University is beautiful with its seaside views as well as modern and spacious accommodation. The gym at Bay campus could be a little bit bigger as it gets very cramped during busy hours. The town is close by and the university has a good bus transport system that makes it simple to go out to town during your free time. Most people spend summer days playing sports on campus sport facilities or have a social gathering out on the beach."
"The Singleton campus is very nice and very central with parks, leisure centres and various other activities all nearby. The Bay campus needs time for the area around it to develop as it is too desolate at the moment."
"We're not far from town or the beach. My accommodation is expensive but is better than what my friend is experiencing. I don't do much during the day but the nightlife is great and probably the day life too."
"I was in the Singleton campus in my first year, which is a good campus since you have everything. For my second year I was in Bay campus, which is very far away so you need to get a bus pass to travel, which I think is a bit unfair since we need to spend more money just for it. Bay campus facilities are very good and the campus is very big."
"Both campuses have a fully-equipped library. These libraries contain computer rooms and are open 24/7 (only closing on Christmas Day). There are numerous places to eat during the day with university-specific cafés and restaurants as well as well known grocery shops (Tesco) available for student use on site. There are numerous laundrettes for student use on both campuses and there are nurseries for people to drop children off at when they are studying/working within the university. Singleton campus has a GP surgery and a dental practice. There are open mic nights and karaoke nights in the bars on campus. You can attend public lectures on campus should you wish or pick up a brochure on campus and go to see the sights nearby."
"The location of the university is situated right next to an area densely populated with students and the campus is surrounded by a very large and tranquil park. The facilities of the university are suitable and appropriate. The student accommodation is suitable and good value for money. Administration and maintenance of student accommodation is excellent. Unless there is an event or you are a student with work to do, there isn't much to do during the day. There are bars and restaurants on campus, however."


"It's right by the beach and also just a stones throw away from the Gower Peninsula, which is a wonderful place. The town is not too big, which is nice, but also there is a lot to do. The library is great as there are many books and plenty of quiet spaces to work."
"The student accommodation is pretty decent if you can get in early. Campuses are just above average with the new campus being aesthetically pleasing but not quite as practical as the old one."
"A city location that's by the beach. Good student accommodation and excellent sports facilities."
"The city is boring but accommodation is on campus and good."
"The new Bay Campus is out of town, which isn't great. The campus is getting better as it has not been around long so there are still some teething issues. The extracurricular facilities are not great but the curricular ones are and the student accommodation on campus is excellent but expensive."
"The location is right on the beach with all the facilities needed to live on campus so it's not ever necessary to leave. The city centre is also only a small distance away. The facilities on campus are of the highest standard and anything you require can be found. Student accommodation is excellent in quality and reasonably priced."
"It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and there's no parking for students."
"The main campus is very close to the town and all facilities. Bay Campus is quite far but there's fairly good public transport."
"It's a 20-minute walk to the city centre and a one-minute walk to the beach. The uni gym is brilliant and the library has everything you need. The student village is a 15-minute bus ride from the campus but living there was one of my favourite uni experiences! So much fun."
"The location of Singleton campus is incredible and the accommodation there is lovely. However, the village is a 45-minute walk away or a 15-minute (quite expensive) bus journey."

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