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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The Bay campus is a new campus and there is nothing to do there but study. The Singleton campus (which is older) has a better location and a better bus connection. It has a really nice gym and swimming pool nearby and, in addition, there is a cinema and a grocery store on the campus."
"The location is the best as everything is close by and there is always something to do. During the day there are museums, restaurants, the LC2, gyms, an Olympic swimming pool, parks and, most importantly, the beach. The campus is good but the library could do with a revamp and either some air con or allowing a few windows to be opened. The student accommodation at Singleton is good but it's difficult to socialise and make close friends when you're housed with 18 other people."
"The facilities were great in first year but, as more students have moved onto the campus, the facilities (especially the library and on-site gym) are overrun."
"The Singleton campus is in a favourable location not far from the city centre and close to student living areas. However, the accommodation is not that good. The Bay campus is quite far from the city centre but the accommodation is top class and well maintained. Table tennis, five-a-side football and other activities are available for students in the sports village and across various departments' common rooms."
"The uni is just out of the main town so you can get a bit of peace. The Singleton campus is old but has everything you need and the new Bay campus is lovely. The student accommodation differs but you get what you pay for really. There is a lot to do, with the beach being only a five minute walk away."
"The location of the university is perfect as we have a beach across the road and the town is a 10-minute bus journey or 20-minute walk away. The campus has a good community feel in which you always feel welcomed. The accommodation is good, but it's the people who really make the accommodation better! There is plenty to do in the days as you can take a bus into town or there is a pond where you can feed the swans and ducks. The gym is a five-minute walk away and you can take a variety of classes there. The gym also has a swimming pool and there is a large park next to the university campus, which is always lovely to walk in."
"Fulton House and James Callaghan are my main lecture buildings. A lot of the lecture rooms and theatres are outdated and cramped. I would like to see the installation of charging ports in lecture desks and more study areas, as the library and Talliesin building are always full."
"The university is split into two campuses, the Singleton campus and the recently built Bay campus. The Singleton campus houses the majority of Swansea's facilities and is fully equipped with plenty of catering places, shops, a post office, a bank, coffee shops, a club and a bar. The majority of students live in the Brynmill/Uplands area, which has a huge abundance of bars, restaurants, fast food shops and various other services such as laundrettes and hairdressers. It's only on rare occasions that I need anything further than a five-minute walk away from my house."


"It's right by the beach and also just a stones throw away from the Gower Peninsula, which is a wonderful place. The town is not too big, which is nice, but also there is a lot to do. The library is great as there are many books and plenty of quiet spaces to work."
"The student accommodation is pretty decent if you can get in early. Campuses are just above average with the new campus being aesthetically pleasing but not quite as practical as the old one."
"A city location that's by the beach. Good student accommodation and excellent sports facilities."
"The city is boring but accommodation is on campus and good."
"The new Bay Campus is out of town, which isn't great. The campus is getting better as it has not been around long so there are still some teething issues. The extracurricular facilities are not great but the curricular ones are and the student accommodation on campus is excellent but expensive."
"The location is right on the beach with all the facilities needed to live on campus so it's not ever necessary to leave. The city centre is also only a small distance away. The facilities on campus are of the highest standard and anything you require can be found. Student accommodation is excellent in quality and reasonably priced."
"It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and there's no parking for students."
"The main campus is very close to the town and all facilities. Bay Campus is quite far but there's fairly good public transport."
"It's a 20-minute walk to the city centre and a one-minute walk to the beach. The uni gym is brilliant and the library has everything you need. The student village is a 15-minute bus ride from the campus but living there was one of my favourite uni experiences! So much fun."
"The location of Singleton campus is incredible and the accommodation there is lovely. However, the village is a 45-minute walk away or a 15-minute (quite expensive) bus journey."

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