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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The uni is wonderful at letting you know just what you can receive, I have personally experienced this."
"We have a lot of international students from a diverse range of countries both inside and outside of the EU and I know there is a specific part of student services dedicated to helping international students. They also offer performance-related bursaries and financial advice for students who are struggling to budget."
"I think the university is incredibly diverse and inclusive."
"Substantial efforts are made to attract a diverse range of students."
"I feel that the university does enough to attract support from students in a range of backgrounds and there are students from all over the country as well as abroad."
"The uni offers a lot of support for international students and arranges cultural awareness days to attract and inform us about various cultures of students who are not from the country."
"Coming from a non-British background, I felt very welcomed at the university. I did not feel that I was being singled out and the range of backgrounds at the university is extremely diverse. Some students are apprehensive about diverse backgrounds but that has nothing to do with the actual Swansea university institution. I did not feel out of place."
"The university runs exchange programmes (which I was a part of), support and organisational events for the LGBT+ community and offers a large amount of funding incentives for students both within the EU and beyond."


"They put on events as well as mix everyone together in the accommodation."
"They do a lot but I don't think it's enough."
"The university is a very diverse place, there are people from all over the world."
"There is a mosque on campus and Swansea already caters for other needs."
"Yes, in my opinion it does."
"There are always events on for people from different backgrounds."
"It definitely does enough with a very diverse spread of ethnicities and religions."
"It's a very inclusive environment."

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