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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university offers plenty of support for everyone through specific societies and programmes. These programmes aim to help students with learning and enhancing their language skills etc."
"I think the university does plenty for people of every background. There are societies for religions and languages with every religious and cultural event being celebrated. There's even a meditation garden and classes. Every student is treated equally regardless of background but aided if their background creates barriers through language or money etc."
"There are many up-to-date programmes that stay in contact with international students to ensure their transition is going well and whether there are any apartments that would make life easier for them."
"I think that Swansea does a lot to attract students from diverse backgrounds and plenty to support students."
"I am sure the university does enough to promote diversity with students coming from every continent and corner of the globe from China to Venezuela. There are also specific societies that students can join including a Spanish club and a Kenyan club. No matter your background, you will be made to feel welcome in Swansea."
"The students' union has many elected officer roles, of which many cover the individual factions of students so each group of students is represented at this level."
"Swansea definitely tries to attract a large number of international students. This is not only by the great support the uni gives you when you arrive to plan your life as an international student, but also through having specific scholarships for international students and trying to attend expos in different countries. The uni tries its best to make sure that there is a diverse community studying at Swansea, which allows each student to become culturally aware and well rounded."
"Swansea is incredibly diverse and encourages a safe environment for all ethnicities and religions. There is also a clear effort to integrate and educate individuals about different cultures."
"Swansea is an international university in Wales and has links with lots of institutions abroad. There is a diverse mix of locals from all backgrounds attracting different students. There's lots of support from the union such as designated full-time and part-time officers to help people settle in."


"They put on events as well as mix everyone together in the accommodation."
"They do a lot but I don't think it's enough."
"The university is a very diverse place, there are people from all over the world."
"There is a mosque on campus and Swansea already caters for other needs."
"Yes, in my opinion it does."
"There are always events on for people from different backgrounds."
"It definitely does enough with a very diverse spread of ethnicities and religions."
"It's a very inclusive environment."

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