Swansea University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The library facilities need updating with new plug sockets and more group study spaces."
"I cannot get enough help because of the number of students who need help and the lack of people able to provide it."
"Some parts are old and not as modern as they could be. Although Swansea University is building a new campus, there should be a balance and I feel they have neglected the Singleton campus a little."
"It sometimes feels like our feedback is ignored, especially on things such as car parking and module feedback."
"There isn't enough housing in halls and the student village is a dump. We didn't have running water, wifi or a laundrette for weeks at a time last year."
"There's not as much help/notice about employability opportunities as I had hoped."
"It's not seen as prestigious despite the excellent rankings."
"I've had problems with timetables and my module options. The online system is constantly going down as well."


"You don't get to see your exam sheets after they've been marked."
"It rains quite a bit."
"Lecturers can be a bit hit and miss."
"Lecturers sometimes struggle to keep the attention of students."
"The city around the university is pretty boring."
"There are two different campuses so you don't get to mingle with everyone at the university."
"The only issue I have is that the location is far from home for me and several others."
"There's a lack of networking and careers advice."
"It rains a lot and a walk to the city centre takes about 20 minutes. The food on campus could be a little better too."
"My degree can be very draining and I think they should try to do more interactive things with us to keep us interested."

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