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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The worst thing about the Bay campus is the distance from the town centre."
"The library facilities (eg number of available books) could be improved."
"We have a lack of employability links compared to higher ranked universities. There are also some dated buildings."
"I think the fact that the only main parking available has no student discount is horrendous considering it can cost £15 per week to park the car there."
"The distance between campuses and a soon-to-be lack of more affordable university-run student accommodation with the impending removal of the Hendrefoelan Student Village."
"The fact that the Bay campus and HSV are so far away from the main Singleton campus means that people on Bay don't get as much interaction as they would if they were closer to Singleton. It also means those coming from HSV were reliant on the buses, which weren't always reliable themselves."
"Everything costs money and its not cheap. From printing things in the library to memberships, it all costs."
"Not all lectures are recorded so you will be at a disadvantage if you miss a lecture through illness unless you can borrow some good notes. The university departments can take a fair while to report coursework (up to six weeks) or exam results (can be up to a month later than others within the university as not all results in a year are released at the same time)."
"The main campus is far from the city centre. It can get very busy and crowded both outside and inside. The high prices of items in shops on campus can be a problem."


"You don't get to see your exam sheets after they've been marked."
"It rains quite a bit."
"Lecturers can be a bit hit and miss."
"Lecturers sometimes struggle to keep the attention of students."
"The city around the university is pretty boring."
"There are two different campuses so you don't get to mingle with everyone at the university."
"The only issue I have is that the location is far from home for me and several others."
"There's a lack of networking and careers advice."
"It rains a lot and a walk to the city centre takes about 20 minutes. The food on campus could be a little better too."
"My degree can be very draining and I think they should try to do more interactive things with us to keep us interested."

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