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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are hundreds of sports clubs and societies to join, from archery to rugby to netball to ski/snowboarding to a Quidditch team and a Disney society."
"You have a wide range of fitness classes at the Singleton campus as well as a 50m swimming pool (which can be divided into two 25m swimming pools), a nice gym and other sports facilities. You can always join one of the university sports clubs such as basketball, swimming and rugby."
"The societies are great at Swansea. They are not expensive to join but give you endless opportunities to meet new people and develop a new hobby."
"There's a wide variety of sports and social clubs and we have varsity events against Cardiff. There are opportunities to start your own club if it isn't already available as well as opportunities to join the committee for your sports teams."
"The social environment is very friendly and there are a lot of sports clubs and societies that run in the university from photography to Quidditch. Societies and sports clubs often have drinking and non-drinking socials, which allow you to get to know others with similar interests as you."
"There are plenty of societies to join ranging from football and rugby to dance to Quidditch to Disney appreciation."
"Societies can leave people out as they have already got their own groups in place within them. This is a downside because it can make people feel unwelcomed. Some societies are poorly run but that can be said for anything without good leadership. Varsity is an amazing way to get in touch with sports and what the university has to offer including good social opportunities. There's a good selection of societies and there's something for everyone."
"There are a large number of social areas that have been created for students to study and socialise on the campus itself and the sports village (which includes a gym, running track, rugby pitch and national swimming pool) is also only a five-minute walk from the university. The university also has an on-site health centre, dentist and well-being institute. Societies available include rock climbing, musicians, political societies, subject-based societies, beer pong society, voodoo society and many other weird and wonderful socials. The physics society organises many regular events including the recent memorial event to Stephen Hawking and a yearly trip to CERN in Switzerland."


"Everything is amazing but I'd prefer the gym to be open 24 hours or at least longer than it currently is."
"There are lots of societies: sports societies, political societies, hobby societies etc. Personally, I love the film society as it is very chilled out."
"Sport Swansea is a solid sporting establishment composed of the sports societies. For a lower ranked university it has a very good sporting complex."
"Sports teams are fantastic. There's a massive range of sports and they're of a great standard."
"There's a wide variety of societies, something for everyone."
"We've got many sports clubs and societies."
"There are lots of societies, both sports and academic."
"So many societies that it's hard to keep track, but they're all very welcoming. People from all skill ranges and interests can get involved, with the big event of the year being the Welsh Varsity."
"Sports halls are okay. Everton is friendly."
"There are so many societies and clubs to join!"

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