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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have careers advisors that are available by appointment. The university also advertises both paid and unpaid work placements and internships on its website. There are careers fairs a few times a year where there are representatives from employers from a diverse range of companies."
"There hasn't been much support on my particular course but I know other people on different courses have a lot of support."
"We had a whole module on careers skills and you can go to the careers department and ask for help any time. They often also put on careers fairs and invite companies to campus."
"The careers teams are brilliant. I have received help with my CV, interview technique and developing my job skills. I have been in contact with various employers thanks to the fairs held on campus and employment schemes. Various overseas and local placement opportunities are available as well as short-term internships."
"We have had a series of lectures on how to be employable and develop good CV writing techniques. There's a very large range of work experience available."
"There is a lot of support from the university in relation to the careers services provided. There is an annual careers fair on the university campus as well as the ability to sign up to trusted companies that offer work placements. In addition to this, the university also helps you to set up work experience and placements."
"The careers service here is one of the best. We have a personal skills module as well as an optional employability module that allows us to build upon skills that are wholly relevant."
"I have had support from my lecturers and my tutor when I need it. The support has been extremely useful and nice to have on hand. There are placements in law if you speak to a tutor demonstrating interest as well."


"Networking dinners have been a brilliant way to interact with people in the field of work I want to go into."
"I have attended eye-opening events and gained an idea of what looking for jobs can be like."
"There are lots of careers days and employability classes, such as how to write a good CV etc."
"The careers service is very helpful and has lots of sessions to help with CV writing. However, they're not very well informed regarding my area of engineering."
"I've only had a mock interview and haven't been able to get any work experience or placements organised."

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