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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers services have been brilliant. They support students in everything from CV building to learning about what individuals excel at and how to use that knowledge in what job to look for. Careers fairs host a large number of big name employers such as Santander and PwC. There are many placements and work experiences available with trusted companies and organisations such as the police, schools, big industrial names and many more."
"The careers department from Swansea is amazing, especially within the engineering department where there is a 97% employment post graduation statistic, which is incredible. There are also regular talks from employers who are leaders in their chosen discipline and most of the lecturing staff are currently employed within their field."
"Staff are always on stand by to help and you don't have to book appointments weeks in advance, you get help straight away. There are more talks and presentations from potential employers than you have time to attend. Swansea University absolutely stands out from other universities when it comes to employment prospects given the countless company connections and collaborations. World leading employers have a strong presence in Swansea University, especially when it comes to the engineering sector."
"The support and careers services are available but more through self drive to visit them as opposed to them contacting you. They treat you like willing adults and don't push it on you. A Week of Work and SPIN placements are also available at uni and usually tie into awards such at SEA (Swansea Employability Award) and SSA (Swansea Sustainability Award)."
"There are plenty of social networking events to attend and the university has good contacts with employers all over the South Wales region who offer work placements to students. Furthermore, the in-house legal department offers at least one day in their office to experience life as an in-house paralegal to all legal practice course students. Moreover, it offers extracurricular activities to help build the CV and prepare individuals for the next stage of progression into the working world."
"I joined the careers service at Swansea University in my first year and they helped me write my CV, prepare for interviews and help me set up placements over the summer. There's a scheme that runs that allows you a week of work (WOW) in January, a summer placement in the summer and a three-month paid internship at Santander Group in the final year."
"Swansea University has a range of study abroad options as part of the degree and work placement years or short term placements that relate to your degree. You are able to make an appointment with the careers office at any point to receive help with applications and CVs along with advice on how best to approach your goal."
"The Swansea Employability Academy is very good in several ways. You can book an appointment with them to go over your CV in detail or just to talk about job ideas. You can book mock interviews with members of staff in order to prepare for job interviews and they run several information sessions throughout the year from postgraduate information to financing your future to how to get a summer job. There's also lots of information on the SEA website and the employment zone has a constantly updated jobs board. There are several big name companies that come to jobs fairs on campus throughout the year, as well as there being information about more local businesses for part-time work."
"I am currently on my year in industry and must say the university worked tirelessly in order to ensure that myself and the other students were in the best position possible to start internships. There were mock interviews, social media lessons, CV lessons, regular checks and application reviews. So much work went into making sure we were all prepared."
"I have succeeded in securing work experience every time I tried, as academic and research staff are delighted to have students. Unfortunately, the Swansea Employability Academy is not particularly good at obtaining work experience for students in some more niche degrees. When career fairs are on, there is very little diversity with a few select degrees targeted and the majority are ignored."


"Networking dinners have been a brilliant way to interact with people in the field of work I want to go into."
"I have attended eye-opening events and gained an idea of what looking for jobs can be like."
"There are lots of careers days and employability classes, such as how to write a good CV etc."
"The careers service is very helpful and has lots of sessions to help with CV writing. However, they're not very well informed regarding my area of engineering."
"I've only had a mock interview and haven't been able to get any work experience or placements organised."

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