Swansea University
8.0 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 46 ratings in 2018)
In a few words
"There are excellent teaching standards and the research is some of the best in the UK, being fifth in some of the league tables."
Quality of academic facilities
7.8 / 10
Location of university
8.3 / 10
Night life
7.9 / 10
Student union
6.9 / 10
How diverse is your university
8.5 / 10
Quality of teaching
8 / 10
Preparation for a job
6.6 / 10
Quality of other facilities
7.3 / 10
Cost of living
7.4 / 10

What students say about...

Fun Facts

"It's a great uni for outdoorsy people, as there are so many award winning beaches..."

Location of university

"The location is right on the beach with all the facilities needed to live on campus..."

Night life

"There is a massive street full of pubs and clubs that gets closed by the police at..."

Clubs and social environment

"You have a wide range of fitness classes at the Singleton campus as well as a 50m..."

Diverse backgrounds

"I think the university is incredibly diverse and inclusive."

Careers services

"I've only had a mock interview and haven't been able to get any work experience or..."


"That the lecturers can be contacted and seen easily."


"The only issue I have is that the location is far from home for me and several o..."

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