Solent University, Southampton

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The city of Southampton is very nice but my university campus is outdated in areas and could do with refurbishment. There are limited spaces in the cafe and library and the accommodation isn't as good as some I've seen."
"Parts of the campus need upgrading."
"The main university campus is near to the town centre and close to halls and many other places. Supermarkets can be far to walk to depending on where you live. Some of the buildings are old and dated but new ones are being built to make the university campus better. It's very town based so isn't like some other universities with big green spaces."
"We're in the city and close to everything, including accommodation. There's always a buzz and atmosphere because of this."
"The university is in the city centre, 15 minutes maximum from anywhere. The student accommodation is good and they have a lot of it as well as a library, gym and cinema!"
"Everything is clumped together well and there's a large variety of resources as well as a huge library."
"Student accommodation has everything you need. The uni is in the city centre and is close to both the halls and shops."
"It's in town and close to shops, restaurants, cafes and everything else. It also has a lot of good facilities."

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