Sheffield Hallam University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Sheffield is a great city to live in. It offers a vast range of restaurants and cafes and the shopping facilities are accessible so there are plenty of things to do. The campus is easy to get to whether you are travelling in by foot, on the bus or by train. Some buildings are spread out and you do find yourself running from one building to the next in order to get to your lectures on time. The student accommodation is close to the university and close to supermarkets to do the weekly shop. It's a comfortable environment to live in."
"The city is in a great location close to many other major cities and attractions like the Peak District. The collegiate campus is slightly far from first-year student accommodation so bus travel is required most days due to the walk taking 20 to 30 minutes. The campus is also on a hill and some of the buildings are quite spaced out. Most student accommodation is close to town and within walking distance though, which is a bonus."
"Great location in the heart of the city. Student accommodation is a little expensive but close to uni so worth it in my opinion."
"Everything around you on the city campus. Student accommodation is everywhere and there are definitely some that are better than others."
"The location of the university is good. I'm on the collegiate campus: it's a bit far from halls but for second and third year it's a perfect location. The library on the collegiate campus is slightly small and I can struggle to get a seat during busy periods. All student accommodation seems to be of a good standard."
"It's a wonderful location; the perfect city for students. There are mainstream and independent areas mixed with new and old. We've got lots of food places, attractions, bars and clubs. It seems big but felt much smaller by the end of my three years. Everything is easy to get to either by walking or taking public transport."
"Good location in the city centre and the facilities are top notch. I'm always working with technology and it really helps that the technology here is up to date and of a high standard."
"We're very close to the city centre. There are good transport links as the tram, train and bus are all within a five-minute walking distance."
"Both campuses are in good locations and there's accommodation all around the city. The gym is cheap and fairly good too."
"It's all very close and there are two libraries so you can use the city one or the one nearer to student housing in second year."

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