Royal Holloway, University of London
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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a small campus uni that has a very homely feel. All accommodation is within walking distance to the uni so it is convenient and practical."
"The unique founders building makes my university experience. The lectures are fantastic and the campus is beautiful, I'm so glad I chose Royal Holloway."
"The relevancy of the material."
"Beautiful with great course leaders and opportunities on my course."
"It's a very lovely campus with lovely staff. There are interesting research fields in biology with seminars from staff outside of the university. I also like the connections you can make through the University of London."
"The organised structure of the course and interpersonal relationships with teachers."
"The small campus is accessible and makes it easier to meet people."
"It is close to home and the university is in the top 20 in the UK league tables for my subject."

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