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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Royal Holloway's campus is very beautiful as it is not only wonderfully scenic but also has many convenient spaces to study along with various spots to relax with friends. One of the landmarks is the Founder's Building, which is an iconic and wonderful sight to look at every day. The library is also a significant feature of the university, it has a minimalist design and is very spacious, making it such a comfortable space to study in. On the more social aspects, the societies at Royal Holloway are impressively diverse and accommodate endless interests."
"There's a great environment on campus and you can find a range of societies that will fit you. It's a university with a large number of international students (including myself) and it is comforting to be at a university with such a multicultural environment."
"The tutors and lecturers provide good feedback and respond fairly quickly to emails. The societies are fantastic here and people are lovely. I am head of the art society, the social secretary of humans vs zombies and run a radio show. The university itself is beautiful and peaceful and not too far from central London."
"Our university is comparatively smaller than other University of London colleges, but this has allowed me to feel like an individual within my department. My lecturers know my name and make an effort to say good morning to students etc. Our university has a large international student community and this is reflected in the broad and diverse range of student societies. What is nice is that all the events on campus are inclusive and the potential for cultural exchange is high."
"The accessibility of the societies and clubs on campus and the careers support."
"The wonderful student environment and local environment. Our location of Egham appears to be a safe and pleasant area. There are many events and opportunities that students can take part in such as societies or events organised by the students' union."
"The facilities and the tutors are really good."
"It's a tight-knit community, particularly on my course. The careers centre is quite helpful and some of the professors are very helpful and give great lectures."


"It's a small campus uni that has a very homely feel. All accommodation is within walking distance to the uni so it is convenient and practical."
"The unique founders building makes my university experience. The lectures are fantastic and the campus is beautiful, I'm so glad I chose Royal Holloway."
"The relevancy of the material."
"Beautiful with great course leaders and opportunities on my course."
"It's a very lovely campus with lovely staff. There are interesting research fields in biology with seminars from staff outside of the university. I also like the connections you can make through the University of London."
"The organised structure of the course and interpersonal relationships with teachers."
"The small campus is accessible and makes it easier to meet people."
"It is close to home and the university is in the top 20 in the UK league tables for my subject."

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