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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
5.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus nightlife is fantastic! There’s always something going on between students' union events and the thriving societies and sports clubs all keep us very busy. There are plenty of pubs to visit in Egham."
"The university has two venues used as nightclubs. It is mostly packed and the events they host are generally exciting to attend. These venues also provide bars so it makes it reachable for students to enjoy their nights in."
"There are loads of pubs but no clubs and the closest one is 20 minutes away in Windsor. The only other option is the SU."
"Given the rural nature of the university, the majority of nightlife is campus based. Our university has two on-campus bars/clubs, which means that there is a large night out four nights a week. On top of this, the SU owns a pub opposite the university called the Pack Horse. There are a lot of other pubs around the area (although many close at midnight)."
"There are a few pubs near the university in Egham and Englefield Green. The students' union area can become a club for when an activity is available and there is also Medicine, which regularly has activities and is near to university accommodation, so is easily accessible to first years. Many students choose to go to London or surrounding areas, however, as they say the nightlife in Egham is quite limited."
"There are some nice local pubs and the SU has events on regularly."


"There's the SU and a few bars on campus. As well as this, you can go out in Windsor, which is a taxi ride away."
"There is very little. Holloway has an SU and no other nightclubs in Egham. That said, I didn't choose this place for the nightlife."
"Barely anything at all."
"Practically non-existent."
"There is not much in Egham besides the SU. There are some good pubs, though, and Liquid runs events on Thursdays."
"There are some pubs, bars and restaurants."
"If you don't like pubs, don't bother. The closest places to campus are Windsor and Kingston etc. There's not really anywhere in Egham or nearer."
"Egham town isn't somewhere students go for the nightlife, only to get food shopping and essentials. The nearest club is Windsor, which is good but hard to get to."

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