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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
5.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are only three club nights a week and nothing is open on campus on the weekend."
"There are two nightclubs on campus but they're only open on weeknights. It would be good if they were open on a Saturday, but there are a few pubs around."
"The pubs are mainly 'old man' pubs but some do themed nights and quizzes, the SU host nights out at least three times a week and often more."
"There are a few pubs around the university but not many clubs at all, theres only the university's students' union club on campus. Other than that you would have to take a taxi to Windsor for a choice of two more clubs, Atik and Studio15. Central London is far away so it's hard to get in and out on time and a lot of time is wasted on transport."
"The nightlife is pretty quiet, with the exception of a few pubs in the local area and some expensive bars on campus."
"Although there are a few pubs dotted around the area, a typical night out consists of going to the nightclubs on campus. The SU and Medicine do themed nights and drinks deals and are open until 3.00 am. A bus service is also provided to get home. The facilities themselves are quite small, however, so it gets crowded and you have to queue for hours unless you've bought a ticket in advance. However, it is much cheaper than going to London."
"We have a student pub, which is actually really nice and there is the SU and Medicine, which are decent for university facilities. Everyone makes the most out of them since there isn't anything else that close."


"There's the SU and a few bars on campus. As well as this, you can go out in Windsor, which is a taxi ride away."
"There is very little. Holloway has an SU and no other nightclubs in Egham. That said, I didn't choose this place for the nightlife."
"Barely anything at all."
"Practically non-existent."
"There is not much in Egham besides the SU. There are some good pubs, though, and Liquid runs events on Thursdays."
"There are some pubs, bars and restaurants."
"If you don't like pubs, don't bother. The closest places to campus are Windsor and Kingston etc. There's not really anywhere in Egham or nearer."
"Egham town isn't somewhere students go for the nightlife, only to get food shopping and essentials. The nearest club is Windsor, which is good but hard to get to."

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