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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
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(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus is really beautiful and conveniently located in Egham near Staines to make travelling into London by train very easy. The library is packed with all kinds of useful books and online resources that have definitely been useful to me so far. Student accommodation is fairly good too, although mine was not very well insulated against heat or sound."
"It's not too far from London, but Egham is very small so there's not much to do on-site if you're not in a club or society. The new library is excellent and student accommodation is convenient. I'm in the university's fencing club so I spend a lot of time either training or at social events with the club members."
"The location is a bit outside of London but worth it for the quiet and proximity to nature. There are new buildings on campus that are a great addition to the teaching facilities but several old classrooms are still in need of serious upgrades. The newly renovated on-campus accommodation is great, but the gym is neglected and in poor condition."
"We're in a great location that's close to London, Windsor and Reading. The campus is beautiful, very safe and there's lots to do. The facilities are ample, the gym is a little small but other sports facilities are new. Most of the student accommodation is brand new and well kept with a fantastic housekeeping team, but very expensive. There are many on-campus events with lots of social spaces but most people go to local towns for shopping."
"The town is very small, so there isn't much to do locally. However, it only costs £6 for a return to London Waterloo."
"The founder's building has to be one of the most beautiful university edifices. Egham is a bit dull but the close links to London make up for that. However, it would be better if we could get cheaper transport as uni students as buses and trains are very expensive."
"The high street has no useful shops or eateries, but the campus is beautiful and student accommodation is great. The students' union has a lot of events to keep you busy during the day and night."
"The campus is located in Egham near the high street, which is convenient. Egham is quite a small place so there's not a lot to do there typically. However, it is close to places like Virginia Water, Staines, Windsor and London, which are all easily accessible by train or bus. The nightlife usually includes going to the SU or Medicine as they have good deals on drinks and have various themed nights. The shhh bus service that takes you home is also a very handy feature. The campus itself is quite compact, which makes it easier to get to and from lectures with ease. The library is large and has various seating areas, study rooms and computers, but it does tend to get crowded easily."


"Egham is a small town and we have a small but beautiful campus with lovely grounds, especially in the summer. The library could be better and bigger but they are currently building a larger one. I think student accommodation is quite decent as long as you don't stay in Kingswood (which is far out and an effort to get to)."
"Egham is not the greatest of areas. However, Windsor more than makes up for this."
"University accommodation is great but the local accommodation can be hit and miss."
"It's great, I love the campus!"
"The area is very good. It is low on crime but may be too quiet for some students. The facilities are excellent, even though the current library is small a new and excellent library is being built. Food in the Founders dining hall is cheap but a bit school dinnerish, though there are often very good meals too. The hub has much nicer food but is a bit pricey. Halls are very good with Williamson being particularly nice. We have small flats with eight students sharing a kitchen and dining room. Reid hall was good for freshers but had 16 students living in catered halls that were often noisy while other halls (like Williamson) were easier for socialising due to the ease of getting to know everyone in the kitchen."
"It's near London but also a quiet area that's perfect for studying. There's modern accommodation as well as a nice atmosphere, great gym and active sports societies. We also have a new library and accommodation coming up."
"The surrounding town is a bit boring, although London is very close, which is a relief. The university facilities are also good."
"The location is stunning, though they need more lecture halls where you can see the boards. Royal Holloway doesn't seem to have many so it's sometimes hard to see unless you are on the front row."
"Egham is a quiet town and could benefit from some more clothes shops but is good for restaurants and supermarkets. However, Staines is nearby and easily accessible for a wider selection. The student accommodation is good and the campus is beautiful."

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