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"Founders is one of the most flammable buildings in the UK (but it is safe)."
"The picture gallery and the chapel are wonderful places that are sometimes open to the public. Lectures or seminars are sometimes held for the public and students will get notified when these are and get free admission. You can sometimes even listen to lectures from different departments."
"It's one of the safest campuses in the UK, which is reassuring."
"Royal Holloway alumna include George Eliot, who most English undergraduates will study during their degree, and a new building on campus has been named after her. Similarly, the new library has been named after another former student, Emily Wilding Davison, the pivotal suffragette. It is excellent that the university is recognising these important women whose education was gained here."
"Due to Egham being a small town, living out is very cheap (or at least cheaper than the average rate of living out in Central London)."
"The location may not be in the City but I feel you get the best of both worlds and are within easy striking distance of London, Oxford, Reading and some really nice countryside."
"The campus has a picture gallery full of various antique paintings and one of the paintings in the collection depicts two polar bears. The exams are sometimes taken in the picture gallery and legend says that every student that has taken an exam sitting near the polar bear painting has failed."

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