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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's only one library and it does not have enough spaces for everyone. There are not enough food outlets within the uni and the one SU shop is extremely expensive."
"It's occasionally unorganised and there's unequal pay for staff. We have the highest tuition fees and expensive accommodation."
"The social aspects aren't great so it can be hard to socialise."
"The strikes badly affected students and the way this was dealt with wasn't encouraging. We need more facilities for social activities, too."
"The students' union shop is very overpriced. Everything is incredibly expensive and it's ironic that there is no student discount."
"The sports facilities are far too small for the amount of students on campus. Many clubs face difficulties with accommodation for training sessions while the SU's primary concern seems to be making money."
"There's not a lot to do in Egham and the academic facilities can get crowded."
"Rent can be expensive here and there isn't much to do in the local area."


"I don't mind the area but, after a while, you realise that there isn't much choice about where to go for a night out. You either end up always going out to the same places and seeing the same people or you can spend money on travelling and having nights out in central London."
"I've had problems with the way some of the lectures are conducted."
"There's not a very active social scene."
"It's not as close to London as I had anticipated."
"It's quite a quiet area so some students want a more social environment."
"Sometimes I wish it were a City uni and a little bigger."
"Not all lecturers are approachable and the gym isn't very good."
"It is a small university comparatively so the nightlife is not great."

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