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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The sci-fi society gives you discounted Netflix."
"The societies range from the quirky Plants vs Zombies society to acapella groups such as ABsolute harmony to the Harry Potter society. The sports clubs are just as diverse, from football and rugby to surfing. You'll never run out of fun things to do here."
"There are over 140 societies and sports clubs on campus as well as give it a go sessions, meaning that you can experience sporting events without buying membership straight away. There is the option to start your own society through the SU and plenty of opportunities to stand for election and become part of a society's committee."
"The university has a huge number of societies and clubs on offer and they are very accessible with almost everyone at the university attending some form of society or sports club. There are always socials and events to get involved with as a society or club."
"The university has a large variety of societies and, to join them, a student needs to come to the meeting (the first is usually free) and can then buy membership. The gym is not huge but big enough. People are very nice towards new students and are very helpful in terms of the information about the uni."
"There is a very welcoming atmosphere when you first join Royal Holloway. We have a very diverse culture and opportunities for students to go abroad, specifically if you have chosen to do a language. There are many sports clubs and societies to choose from including ninjutsu and ultimate frisbee. Royal Holloway is a diverse university and has many societies for ethnicities such as the Spanish and South East Asian societies."
"There's a large variety of sports clubs and other societies. However, it doesn't cover all faiths. I'm pondering getting signatures for a Buddhist society and making a plan."
"There's a nice variety of clubs and societies, although some are better managed than others. There's a good range of sports clubs as well."


"Sports clubs and societies are great and I think they've helped me to have the best experience at uni. You should definitely join a sports club or a society where you can meet people and have many more social events."
"Societies and sports clubs are a great way to meet people and explore some areas that you might want to pursue as a career. Holloway has everything."
"There are several sports teams on campus and the sports centre has recently updated its facilities. Some teams have a very drink-heavy social culture but many have much less pressure to drink and are very fun."
"There are active sports clubs and societies, we have a lot to choose from."
"Clubs and societies at RHUL are really excellent. There is a very large variety and most are friendly and welcoming, you will make some of your best friends in them."
"The societies here are wonderful to be involved with but I feel more effort needs to be made to encourage students to join after fresher's week. I have found it difficult to join some since the first few weeks of term because I have not received enough information."

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