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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The societies are very diverse and there is a society for basically everything and every sport."
"The clubs are good if you're members of them. The games society is quite good with amicable people who try to change up activities every week and have both board games and video games on offer."
"There are lots of societies to join but it can be expensive. There's good diversity in clubs and societies to suit lots of different interests."
"The societies and social environment are fantastic as there are many societies to choose from and there's lots to do with them. The fees are high for some of them though, so it can get expensive to join too many. However, Royal Holloway has an amazing social scene, with a huge range of societies and a tight-knit community."
"The societies are varied and provide lots of opportunities to meet new people and to engage in the local community."
"The sports facilities on campus are good with large tennis courts, football fields and a gym and there are also many sporting events put on such as football matches. There are opportunities for societies to put on their own productions such as the dance and drama societies putting on their own shows, which are advertised around campus. There are nights put on at the SU to celebrate the societies called 'Come in your Socs'. This means that your society arrives together dressed in a certain fancy dress theme."


"Sports clubs and societies are great and I think they've helped me to have the best experience at uni. You should definitely join a sports club or a society where you can meet people and have many more social events."
"Societies and sports clubs are a great way to meet people and explore some areas that you might want to pursue as a career. Holloway has everything."
"There are several sports teams on campus and the sports centre has recently updated its facilities. Some teams have a very drink-heavy social culture but many have much less pressure to drink and are very fun."
"There are active sports clubs and societies, we have a lot to choose from."
"Clubs and societies at RHUL are really excellent. There is a very large variety and most are friendly and welcoming, you will make some of your best friends in them."
"The societies here are wonderful to be involved with but I feel more effort needs to be made to encourage students to join after fresher's week. I have found it difficult to join some since the first few weeks of term because I have not received enough information."

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