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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is good but could have more graduate job events and help. Alumni involvement is minimal."
"Not much information is given, unless you're really seeking it."
"The careers service offers one-to-one CV sessions and you can book workshops online. There are part-time job fairs every year for students to find work alongside their studies. A lot of my experience with alumni networks has been through my department as they'll often arrange talks or events with ex-students. You can arrange placements and work experience via the careers service and being relatively close to London is also an advantage."
"The careers service provides considerable support, which is also available after graduation. It provided me with advice about my CV and looking for job offers and there are also many events on campus with representatives of big companies, which gives an opportunity to ask them about internships and job experience."
"The university provides career fairs where students come to talk about jobs and ask about employers' specifications as well as many other questions. What is more, there is a place called job recruitment where students get advice and general feedback on their CV or can ask questions if they have any. It is open every day. Also, students are able to work part time on campus. They can choose time slots and earn some extra money as well as job experience needed after graduation."
"The university often holds fairs and meetings for students that are tailored to what they may be interested in. Royal Holloway is in contact with many recruitment agencies that inform students of any possible opportunities they may have. They have a volunteering opportunity with Community Action as well."
"I was very much encouraged to represent women in IT and was always informed of career expos and job vacancies. There were many meetings with our tutors to check up on how we were progressing."
"The careers service has been good, although it would be nice to hear about other sources than LinkedIn. The alumni network was present but I personally didn't find it helpful. The graduate careers fair is limited and had nothing for the sector I'm looking into. I took part in a placement scheme in my second year in which the process was very helpful but the result disappointing. The university also runs volunteering schemes."


"The careers service helped me to tailor my CV and apply for the positions that I want to work in. Currently, I have a work experience role and I thoroughly aim to grow and become a valuable team member within this company."
"There are several alumni days organised by the department."
"The careers service was not very helpful when I applied for my Masters but does have some other useful services. The course itself has several coursework modules aimed at real world research."
"There's a specific course just on employability at the very beginning of the second year that guided us on our way to become more employable at the right time. There are also LinkedIn workshops and support on how to do a profile as well as workshops for CV writing and one-to-one meetings to review CVs."
"Advice is great, especially for English careers. They are constantly emailing us about internship opportunities and careers days to help us decide our future."
"Job fairs are minimal compared to my old university."
"Careers and employability is much more targeted to 2nd and 3rd year students but provides excellent opportunities and placements."

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