Robert Gordon University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We have modern facilities and a progressive university. There are gender-free toilets and we stripped Donald Trump of his honorary doctorate."
"The professional staff, access to the library and technical databases. There are excellent facilities for learning and exercise and the students' union is great too."
"There are links to business if you're interested in oil and gas. We also have personable tutors and good technology."
"The recruitment team really helps those on the fast-track course to find a placement. They are great people."
"I love that every teacher is extremely nice and friendly. The atmosphere is not strict and the classes are up to date and very enjoyable. I think the exams are also very fair."
"It's all on one campus so it makes meeting people easier and it's easier to navigate the uni. It offers a lot of modern and interesting courses."


"Modern facilities and enhanced career development."
"High-quality lecturing staff, the student union is very helpful as well as student support and library services. We have an easily accessible, modern and attractive campus. Our university is the highest for employment in Scotland and I am passionate about my course. The university also has very good facilities such as study areas, a gym and a pool."
"The friendly and approachable staff members. Online access to course materials and library. The surroundings are welcoming too."
"We have a fully functional x-ray suite, which not many universities have. There's a good online learning platform and good student outlets eg food and stationary shops on campus. We're rated 3rd best in the UK and 1st in Scotland for diagnostic radiography."
"Relevant subjects that make you more employable and work experience is offered as part of the course."
"There are a lot of opportunities on offer such as studying abroad and placements. Also, the university courses are well structured and relevant to the world of work. RGU is also great for graduate employment."
"Nice and approachable lecturers. Good services both socially and otherwise."
"Good location, tutors are always very helpful and the atmosphere is good."
"We get access to good resources for student enhancement."
"Strong sports emphasis, a great night-life and excellent people."

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