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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus has good access to student accommodation, places to eat, the students' union shop, a gym, a swimming pool and buses."
"The university is out of town so a bus may be required to reach it. Most halls are very nice and the student scene is great fun in Aberdeen."
"The university is in a pretty location but quite far out of the centre of the city. Student accommodation can either be good or horrendous depending on which ones you get, they are all very expensive. There are a lot of bars in the area but no students' union bar. We also have plenty of gyms and cinemas but are very lacking in cultural landmarks since the one art gallery is being renovated and some of the music halls are being renovated as well."
"RGU is great, but the local transport is terrible."
"The campus is really pretty and feels relaxing. It has excellent facilities and loads of different computer labs to go in and use at any time. There is loads of accommodation in the city centre, which is very handy for shopping, nights out and socialising. There is a gym on campus and lots of cafés and coffee places to hang out and study."
"Most student accommodation is in the city centre while the university isn't. All university facilities are on campus."
"The campus is very modern and located next to a beautiful river, there's lots of greenery too. The university has plenty of space to study or chat with friends, including a massive library. The student accommodation could be improved though as it's too expensive for its quality right now."


"The location is good but student accommodation is quite expensive."
"The facilities are great as they are all situated on campus (gym, union, library etc), although the location of the campus is quite out of the way."
"It's a lovely location. The campus is well kept and modern. The facilities are of a good quality."
"Great campus, about 15–20 minutes away from the city centre of Aberdeen by bus, nice facilities."
"We have no union bar, unlike other universities, which is annoying. Facilities at the university are good with plenty of space to hang out with friends."
"The university is unfortunately quite far away from student accommodation and the city centre. However, the bus system is very good."
"The only issue with RGU is that it is at Garthdee so you have to get a bus across town or drive to the campus and there are not a lot of parking facilities. The campus itself is great and really modern with lots of places to get food, sit down, chat and study. Student accommodation is also good with halls all around Aberdeen."
"The location is amazing. It's by the river, ten minutes' ride out of the city centre."
"It's in a quiet area just outside of the city centre. It's great for commuting from all parts of the city."
"Everything is in one place, which is handy. It's out of town but not too far. Student accommodation is ace if you are central."

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