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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It can take a while to respond to questions and queries."
"Although it is accessible through public transport, the university is located out of town. The internet doesn't always connect properly and I feel that there is no 'hub' for students to hang out and meet others in."
"It's half an hour from Aberdeen city centre by buses that are jammed to the doors. The bus prices and gym are expensive as well as the library being too hot. We have no student bar and little to do between classes."
"High on-site parking fees. It can take a long time to receive feedback from coursework."
"You can't pick your modules so you sometimes end up with a module that you're not 100% interested in."
"Some of the modules are repetitive and not designed that well."
"It's a small city so there's not much to do."
"There's not much support for distance learners."
"It's very far north and Aberdeen is expensive."
"The weather up here isn't very nice."

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