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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"We have plenty of sports clubs to choose from and the societies and the union are very vibrant. All are active and visible across the campus, which helps to contribute to a campus community feel at the university."
"There is a good selection of sports clubs and societies to join. I plan to join the athletics club and language society this year."
"Aberdeen University has a large rivalry with us at RGU. There are many sporting events and other activities that we go head-to-head against each other in."
"There are plenty of sporting clubs and different societies with lots of support to help you set up your own society if you spot a gap in the market."
"The university has a huge range of societies that range from the Harry Potter society to the body building society."
"There's a good range of sports clubs but a comparatively poor selection of societies."
"There's a society for everyone. It's mainly focused on sports but there's plenty for those who aren't sporty."


"There's a good variety of clubs at RGU and some others at Aberdeen University."
"We have plenty of sports clubs to join at RGU and other interesting extra-curricular activities too."
"There are plenty of interesting societies you can join and you do not need to be a professional to join sporting teams. Freshers' fair at the start of the year gives students a good insight into what is available to join."
"People are super friendly, helpful and full of life! It's a small town so everything was easy to find. There's an excellent night life with quality clubs and decent bars for cheap drinks! The weather is not the best but I still love it."
"Good sporting environment, excellent clubs and societies cutting across diverse areas."
"The sport clubs offered at Robert Gordon's are vast in number. They cater for many different interests."
"The uni cares about the environment with their campaign 'go green'. Many students are involved in different sports clubs but the societies are not great. Usually, people join societies from Aberdeen Uni instead."
"The university is fairly big with several different departments. We have a lot of different personalities within each of the courses. The options for students to get involved and to do what they like is massive due to the fact that there are two different universities."
"Sports clubs are great for those who are interested and we are off class on Wednesday afternoons to watch/take part in sports. They are made to be a priority."
"The sports societies are really good – there's something for everyone. Every year we have the Granite City challenge, which is the biggest varsity event in Scotland. Aberdeen goes against RGU for every sport (all in one day usually) and each year there is a champion. It's big and is taken seriously!"

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