Queen's University Belfast


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The good lecture content and good project options."
"All of the lectures are readily available online to review."
"The library is very accessible and everything is within a five-minute walk of the university."
"The university provides a range of opportunities for students to enhance their student experiences at university to the maximum. Aside from the availability of broad ranges of clubs and societies, the students' union runs a student council that forms the most powerful student body of the university and all students are welcomed to run and be elected for the positions. Staff members, lecturers and tutors alike are very supportive of their students in general (at least for the school of law)."
"The drama society at my university is probably my favourite part of my experience. I love most of my lecturers too and find them to be really passionate about what they're teaching, which makes it easier to be engaged in learning."
"I loved everything about my experience. We have top-of-the-range facilities and I've never had a bad experience with a staff member, either lecturer or clerical. The social scene is incredible and there are so many societies and clubs to choose from, along with the speakeasy/Mandela being everyone's favourite night-out spots."


"I like the fact that my accommodation is within walking distance of my classes."
"My degree is of excellent quality and I've received great help from the university staff. Belfast is a pretty city and has a lot of things to do."
"The lecturers at QUB law school are phenomenal and so supportive. I love Belfast, it's a great city that's small enough to have friendly people and a sense of community while, at the same time, a really cool artsy side to it. Belfast is definitely a burgeoning city in terms of culture, art and hipster cafes. You just need to do a little walking and you'll find some fantastic bars, cafes and shops."
"The course is very well laid out and the teachers are well tuned in and willing to give support."
"The university provides a creche for my children and I've received a lot of support from my department."
"Paying a reasonable amount instead of the stupid fees charged in Britain is a big plus."
"It has a good library and gym. Rent in the city is cheaper than elsewhere in the UK."
"I like the social activities, course options and the library."
"The area is great with many local things including pubs, clubs, shops and cinemas etc. My course is great and the learning environment is excellent."

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