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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The speakeasy and Mandela Hall are staples for all QUB students as the prices are amazing and the music choices are always on point. Along with them, there's Parlour right across the street from the SU, which is great for a chilled chatty night (especially the outdoor section) and a great start for a pub crawl! Further into the city you get places such as Filthys, Foundry, Limelight (with great gigs all year round) and Five Points (trad night is incredible)."
"The students' union has its own pub complete with food, games machines and pool tables. Other than that, there is a range of pubs and nightclubs to choose from, depending on what you like."
"There are plenty of student nights and most clubs have at least one student night a week where the drink is cheap and affordable."
"There are various nightclubs that cater for the younger group of students such as Limelight and The Box. Belfast also harbours many Irish pubs featuring the (in)famous Guinness Stout, which is surprisingly fresher than any other stouts you can find elsewhere around the world."
"There are a number of pubs to chill in around the student area and there are also clubs (some closer to the city centre, which isn't too far away). There are lots of student nights and two-for-one cocktail hours. People here like a good night out. There is also a cinema quite nearby showing all the latest movies and plenty of restaurants. There are many great concert venues if you're a fan of live music. Artists ranging from Katy Perry to Robert Plant play here."


"During the week, there are plenty of clubs open that students find really popular and many of these have 90p drinks. I personally like going to pubs but the better ones are a taxi journey away. Madison's cocktails is a favourite of mine in Botanic (the student area) as it has a £3 cocktails happy hour Sunday to Friday between 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm."
"You can go to bars, comedy shows, restaurants, art exhibitions, the university cinema (showing independent and art house films), the theatre and an arts centre that holds 'midweek magic' and 'storytelling' events etc."
"Go clubbing, shopping, eat out, go to the gym and walk in the Botanic Gardens."
"Cinema, bowling, nightlife, shopping, hiking and eating out among other things."
"You can go clubbing, go to a bar or play pool or snooker."
"There are a few clubs, lots of bars, bowling and cinemas etc. Everywhere seems to close quite early though, between 11.00 pm and 1.00 am."
"There are many, many things. From cultural events and quizzes to many bars, clubs and Michelin star restaurants."
"Bars, clubs, shopping, cinema and tourist attractions."
"There are lots of great clubs to choose from including two gay clubs and lovely bars for a chill night of banter. Cinemas and stuff are also great."
"Lots of pubs, clubs and bars for all different types of people."

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