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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university accommodation is close to the campus and most facilities are very modern. The students' union is great for hanging out between lectures and has a great lounge area, food, shops and a bar for evenings. There are many clubs and societies you can join. Overall, the campus is very lively during term time."
"I love the location and the house rental prices are really reasonable compared to other uni locations. The campus is decent and facilities are good although they're getting rid of the current SU and I don't think anyone is happy about it."
"The location is top notch and right beside where all the students live, you can't complain. The facilities are excellent and lots of money is spent here. You can socialise with other students in the union, go the gym and walk around Queen's during the day. You're only ten minutes away from the city centre and shops and there are lots of good restaurants and bars around that do student deals and have specials on each day."
"All campuses and student facilities located in Queen's University Belfast are not very far apart from one another, which means that everything is within walking distance. I can walk from my accommodation hall to my class or the library in three minutes. There are a lot of places to eat out and to drink, although they might be pricey. You can stroll by Botanic Avenue or Donegall Pass to find interesting stuff such as antiques, second-hand household furniture and some Asian food."
"There are lots of restaurants, pubs and corner shops around the main university area and it is just a 20-minute walk to the city centre where the main shopping centres etc are. There are lots of houses around the university area so there are plenty of opportunities to get student houses not too far away from your main building."
"The location is perfect in my opinion. You're maybe a 20-minute walk from the city centre so it has that city buzz at times. If you want some peace and quiet, all you have to do is go around the corner to the botanic gardens. I stayed in Queen's accommodation in my first year and it was the most fun year I've had. It was a huge Georgian style house that was fully furnished and any issues that arose were fixed the same day by very friendly accommodation staff. The gym is also amazing, has friendly and helpful staff and all the facilities you could ask for. The price is fantastic too for all the facilities and classes you get access to."


"It's really good. Elms accommodation is far away from campus though and I think they need more student accommodation for this and other reasons."
"It's a city, but not a particularly busy area. The uni buildings are generally all together and student accommodation is pretty much what you'd expect. I live in rented accommodation and, though my house is good, many are quite basic but the rent is significantly lower than in other parts of the UK."
"The university is really close to town, about a 20 minute walk, which is great because you can easily get in after class to do whatever you need. It's also not too close so you feel like you're at university and not just in the middle of the city. The campus is beautiful overall, with gorgeous old buildings. The library is great and has always served me well although it could benefit from allowing you to return books after hours, I think. The university could benefit from a good supermarket nearby as it's a mile to the closest decent supermarket (Tesco). The ones nearby (Spar, Russels etc) are not great."
"It's in a good place. Student accommodation could be better though."
"It's fun and there is plenty to do. There are not enough computers though and it's annoying that biological science students can't use computers in the computer science building when they can use ours. This makes it difficult to find a free computer."
"The university is in a lovely part of Belfast and is very close to the city centre, cinemas and parks etc. The gym is very new and accessible to all. Student accommodation is, at most, a 20-minute walk from campus so is very convenient."
"The location is good as it's a 15-minute walk into the city centre and we're near tons of restaurants and bars etc. Campus is nice and in an 1840s Gothic-style building. However, the politics buildings are in run-down old houses. The library is amazing."
"It's a small city with not much nightlife. Student accommodation is expensive, with limited places but of a good standard. There are great gym and library facilities and we're close to a lot of food and shopping outlets."
"All university facilities are close together and close to accommodation."
"The location of Queens is great and is close to the city centre. All facilities, including accommodation, are within walking distance of each other, which makes for great practicality."

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