Queen's University Belfast


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Belfast becomes a bit of a ghost town at the weekends and there's not much diversity as most people are from Northern Ireland."
"The rain! There isn't a decent supermarket near the university so you have to walk a long way."
"There are not many social events organised by the university in the first year, these would be handy for helping people to meet others."
"It can be difficult to meet people as most are from Northern Ireland so a lot of students have known each other prior to university. The social events aren't well advertised or accessible for people living at home."
"The humanities courses don't have sufficient funding and the nightlife in the city isn't very active. I don't feel there are enough students from outside the UK."
"The bus timetable can be frustrating."
"It can sometimes be hard getting seats in the library."
"Housing in the area can be poor."
"Lecturers are sometimes very slow to return marked work."

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