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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The selection of clubs and societies is huge! I was a member of the QUB rowing team and it was so much fun as I made so many friends as part of the team. I was also a member of the music and film societies and both had so many fun nights out, screenings and formals."
"There are many events organised throughout the year such as career recruitment and the freshers' fair is great for getting to learn about clubs and societies to join."
"There are lots of events, activities and clubs to join. The freshers' fair is excellent for this so get involved."
"Law is a very odd course and social events are few and far between. However, the graduate school provides a variety of different opportunities for career enhancement and to meet new people and network, which is beneficial."
"The clubs and societies available at Queen's University Belfast are so extensive and cater for virtually every discipline, interest and cultural background. One can be spoilt for choice. There are many academic societies created to cater for various areas of study, such as the law society, the alternative dispute resolution society and even a psychology society. There are societies created to cater for and educate people on various political ideologies, be it an internationally renowned ideology or a local-based one. These include the Communist Society, the Libertarian Society, the Sinn Fein Youth and even the Ulster Unionist Society and the Young Orangemen Society. Finally, there are societies created to cater to the international students of a specific nationality, such as the Malaysian Society, the Indonesian Society and the Chinese Cultural Society."
"Queen's has a wide range of clubs to attend. There's also a gym and many sports clubs to pick from."


"The gym is really good with good facilities such as a pool and climbing wall. I did a yoga course at the gym that came to £50 for 10 weeks, which I felt was really good value."
"Dragonslayers is a gaming society that holds weekly meetings with every type of nerdy game imaginable."
"Some clubs and societies are very well represented but others are poorly attended."
"There are lots of clubs and societies to choose from. There's a good social environment."
"The gym is great and there are many sports and social clubs available."
"There's a fantastic sports facility and teams for any sports you can think of. We have a great system for creating new clubs too."
"There are tons of societies on campus and starting a new one is relatively easy. I like that there is something for everyone. I like learning new languages and there is a club for that. I love working out and lifting and, sure enough, there is a club for that."
"There are a lot of societies with different types to suit everyone. QUB sport has a lot of different teams as well as the PEC gym and other gyms nearby."
"The university has so many clubs and societies to join, which is great for meeting people with similar interests. The clubs are really diverse too, from basketball to origami there's something for all tastes."
"We've got a massive physical education centre for sports people and loads of clubs and societies. If one doesn't exist then it's easy to set one up."

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