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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers centre was incredibly helpful for me, especially in terms of securing the work placement I did in my first semester of final year. I did the placement in the audiology ward of the Royal Victoria Hospital and the careers centre helped me set it up by getting me in contact with the relevant people. I am excited to be a part of the alumni network now as it is a huge group of people from all different careers who are more than willing to help a fellow Queen's graduate."
"The careers services at Queen's are good and they helped me to perfect my CV. They also do mock interviews and I've been told they are great prep for interviews as well. Make use of these facilities."
"I had one free careers advice consultation, which was not especially useful, but gave me a place to start when looking at summer internships. Employers are often very geared towards business and accounting, there are no regular attendees from the arts sector. Placements and work experience are available only when one looks for them oneself, both at an undergrad and postgrad level."
"The university hosts two career open days for different types of industries annually: one in October and another in February. Many legal firms and non-legal firms will come and set up booths at the university's main campus and talk about the wide ranges of career opportunities that are available for graduates to-be. They state their criteria for employment and what you can expect from working at the said company or firm. These include well-established outfits such as Danske Bank, PwC, Baker & McKenzie, Hogan Lovells and the Bar Council of Northern Ireland. Placement years are compulsory for engineering-based professions for up to a year. Students would have to apply to some companies of their choice and work accordingly for a year or so."
"As I had a placement year as part of my course, I had a lot of support from the careers service in applying for this. They helped with writing CVs and preparing for interviews as well as letting us know which companies were advertising for placement students. There are also a couple of career fairs held throughout the year with many different companies having stalls there and this is a great chance to chat to future employers and discover what area you might like to work in. There are also many opportunities to have a summer placement working with a lecturer at the university (carrying out research with them, for example). There is a biological sciences study tour where a group of students visit a number of biotech and biopharma companies in the south of England, which provides a great chance to see inside companies where your degree could lead to. This tour also includes an alumni networking night."
"We have recruitment fairs and careers officers to guide us down certain paths, which can lead us to the careers we want to be employed in."


"I attended an employability course called 'get employment ready' and the law faculty sometimes holds drinks mixers for students to meet with corporate law company representatives."
"There is an annual fair for engineering and there are staff in the student guidance centre to help you write your CV. The lectures on my course have also offered occasional help with career advice."
"I find the careers service have a narrow view of the career each degree is equipping you for and try to fit you into that box. The employers that present on campus are all private industry so there's not much point attending if you're not interested in those specific careers."
"The careers service offers talks regularly. It is up to you to make the effort though so you get out what you put in."
"Careers events only happen once a year or so and there's not a wide variety of employers. Most seem to be looking to fill IT jobs."
"I have had many careers talks and seminars and get frequent emails about job fairs and opportunities that I can take advantage of."
"There are lots of employers present at careers fairs throughout the year."
"The careers service has plenty of study tours available for students to help them get ready for a job."
"They check our CVs, tell us about placements and jobs, provide help with interviews and organise talks from companies."
"I've completed an employability workshop and have had limited career advice so far in my first year."

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