Queen Mary University of London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The campus of my university is in the heart of London and the buildings are beautiful."
"The uni offers great learning experiences due to people from industry being lecturers. There's excellent material provided that's relevant to the subject."
"The library is really good, there's a lot of resources and the campus feels quite big, which is nice. You forget you're in Mile End."
"The uni provides many free services that are not just focused on your education. Some examples include counselling, careers help and careers lectures and events to help you with your CV and interviews etc."
"We have approachable teachers, well managed events and plenty of opportunities."
"Queen Mary is very diverse so we meet different people from different backgrounds and interact and learn new things from them. Also, Queen Mary gives students a lot of support. Each individual on my course is assigned an adviser and tutor, which is very helpful."
"The modules and materials are stimulating, there are good professors and we have the chance to meet people of all backgrounds and nationalities. We're also in a prime location with a good library."
"There is a wide range of support from assigned academic advisors in tutorials to the careers team at the university. There are a range of jobs available on campus and plenty of opportunities to join student-led societies. Furthermore, there is bursary support available for students from poorer backgrounds. The university itself has such a diverse community of students from all different backgrounds so everyone fits in and friends are made easily."


"Great environment and the physics course is fantastic."
"It's an international environment with great professors, a wide range of modules and good communication. I also like the social life, sport societies and library."
"It's in London so I can commute and I love the course I'm doing in one of the capitals of the world."
"The high level of teaching, useful resources available and career support."
"It's in London. We also get a lot of support when it comes to studies."
"The location in London, affordable fees and lecturers who are practitioners."
"The size of the campus, the environment and location, course content and structure."
"It's in the top three law schools in the UK, which gives you amazing opportunities for your future career. Not only does QMUL present you with great variety of social activities, but the off-campus events and professional visits are also incredible."
"It's diverse and has great links into central London. Also, it's a Russel Group Uni."
"The location, structure of my degree, and the prestige."

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