Queen Mary University of London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The campus, the fact that lectures can be found online, the teachers and the students' bar."
"It's in London so the location is nice. There are plenty of places to go to eat food and, if you enjoy parties, there is always something going on. There's lots of culture and diversity. You are surrounded by amazing people and there is lots to learn. The quality of teaching is not bad either as it is independent."
"Some of the best things about the university are the amazing faculty and excellent location."
"The lecturers are great, the support team always helps you during office hours and are always willing to support you throughout your studies. It's a nearby university for me with lots of shops and convenient places. The people are friendly and are a good hardworking group of people who want you to succeed."
"There's a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and you have the ability to participate in many activities including societies."
"The quality of facilities on campus, availability of staff and excellent services at the careers and enterprise facility."
"The campus is lovely and a great environment to go to study or participate in extracurricular activities. There are plenty of clubs and societies with an active students' union. There is a decent careers department and different job opportunity options that students can sign up to for email alerts. There are networking opportunities for career progression and advice provided on searching for jobs. The university is well established and has opportunities for research and academic development."
"There are lots of societies and teams to get involved with, as well as the benefits of being in London, so you're able to make the most of the opportunities here. The student facilities such as the gym and village shop are open until late and the gym membership is very affordable. You get the benefit of being on the central line with easy access to central London, without having to pay extortionate rents."
"I have been extremely happy with the academic aspect of QM. The professors offer a lot of support and the department is very friendly."


"Great environment and the physics course is fantastic."
"It's an international environment with great professors, a wide range of modules and good communication. I also like the social life, sport societies and library."
"It's in London so I can commute and I love the course I'm doing in one of the capitals of the world."
"The high level of teaching, useful resources available and career support."
"It's in London. We also get a lot of support when it comes to studies."
"The location in London, affordable fees and lecturers who are practitioners."
"The size of the campus, the environment and location, course content and structure."
"It's in the top three law schools in the UK, which gives you amazing opportunities for your future career. Not only does QMUL present you with great variety of social activities, but the off-campus events and professional visits are also incredible."
"It's diverse and has great links into central London. Also, it's a Russel Group Uni."
"The location, structure of my degree, and the prestige."

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