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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are a lot of nice pubs near the uni as well as a cinema and nice, affordable restaurants."
"The campus bar is always busy owing to its low prices and great location and it regularly hosts themed nights to attract students of all ages. We have Shoreditch and Dalston right on our doorstep and we're only a 20-minute tube ride from the heart of Soho so you'll never have the same night out twice."
"There are many societies available and there is a bar called Drapers on campus as well as many nightclubs in the local area."
"We have the Drapers SU bar with cheap drinks, good music and a nice atmosphere. There are also Wetherspoons, local pubs and plenty of restaurants both chain and independent. We also have swimming pools, cinemas and rock climbing a short walk away."
"We have our SU bar and club, which isn't the most exciting but is cheap and convenient. The nightlife in Shoreditch (a 20-minute walk away) is never ending."
"The Holborn campus is within walking distance of Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus where you can find whatever you may be looking for."
"The pubs are just on the doorstep and the range of nightclubs available from a short tube or bus ride away are incredible. The students' union club is a good and affordable place to go to."


"There's a lot of nightlife."
"Well, its London so there's so much to do including hundreds of clubs around the city."
"In London, there are attractions to visit. You could go to Shoreditch and enjoy having a meal followed by the nightlife, everything is great!"
"Everything including clubbing, pubs, comedy clubs etc."
"London is quite diverse, there are many things to do."
"London has everything from clubbing, shopping, cinema, parks and museums etc. The only downside is the cost."
"I'm quite fond of the gokarting."
"It's London. If you are tired of London, you are tired of your life."
"There's nothing within my local area but I'm situated in central London so it's easy to get to other places."
"Anything and everything, practically."

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