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Location of university
7.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Queen Mary is brilliantly located on the edge of central London with plenty of green spaces, pubs and restaurants nearby. Campus life is very sociable and creates a welcoming atmosphere for first years by having flats with domestic and international students living together. Although you don't need to leave campus owing to the variety of facilities available on site (a corner shop, cafés, restaurants, a gym and ping pong tables), we are very well situated to access all the local amenities. Student accommodation is very affordable for such a central London location and you get to love the city in a whole different way if you walk around the area."
"The Curve (the cafeteria) has really good food for a really low price and there's a good range of coffee shops on campus. Nandos, Starbucks, Costa, Co-Op and Sainsbury's are a five-minute walk from campus and Shoreditch is a 25-minute walk."
"The location is great although East London can get a little bit worrying at night. We're close to Shoreditch, Victoria Park and Westfield Stratford City so there's tons to do. The campus is nice and our facilities are all right but we could do with departmental common rooms. The student accommodation is really good but is limited so not everyone can live on campus."
"The location is good with great transport links and the gym is high quality too, although it is expensive. The student accommodation is good for London but poor if was in another location as the lack of any common room/sofa room is disappointing and means there are very few social spaces to meet other people in your halls. We have lots to do during the day and are near good parks and supermarkets."
"The location is great as it is just outside of the busy city area of London, yet it is still close to areas worth visiting such as Shoreditch. The facilities are not bad, but could be a bit more modern in some cases. The cafeteria is great, although the food could be a bit better. The Mile End area is not that nice but a quick trip towards the city can solve that."
"The university is located in a lovely place and the campus feels safe while also being close enough to the city centre to enjoy the city life. The facilities are great but usually too busy and the accommodation is well suited for first years but there isn't as much support for second years. There is so much to do in the area from walking a scenic route to Victoria Park via the canal side to hopping into the city and enjoying all London has to offer."
"The location is quite good because it's close to the tube station and local amenities. The campus is decent but I think there could be more computer rooms and study spaces. Our accommodation is alright but could do with some modernisation. There are things to do in London but there's not much apart from the cinema in Mile End specifically."
"The main campus is situated within Mile End, which is very close to both central London and the City with the central line offering an easy commute. As for Mile End, it's a vibrant area of East London and there are plenty of pubs, shops and restaurants just a few minutes' walk from campus. Victoria Park is also within easy walking distance and Westfield shopping centre, alongside the Olympic Park, is only a station away on the central line."


"LOVE the location in East London but there isn't enough student accommodation. The library could do with updating and the campus in general should be expanded."
"The accommodation is excellent, but there is not enough of it."
"Mile End in London is perfect since it is a few stops from the city centre by tube and is also a huge campus. We have new facilities, a solid gym, new classrooms and constant improvements are being made."
"My university is located in East London and it's a really up and coming area with a lot to do and isn't far from central London. The campus is very easy to navigate, but my student accommodation is not worth the high price it costs."
"There's hardly anything on campus and whatever is here is expensive. The location is very convenient, not too far from the station with lots of places to eat nearby."
"Central London is a good location with lots to do but, obviously, expensive. The campus is great as it is compact with loads of facilities. Student accommodation is average, there are no communal areas and it's not very homely."
"The area in which QMUL is situated is not the best in terms of security and surroundings but the student accommodation is very good. London is great for studying."
"London is a great city, lively and busy. However, being in Mile End was not the nicest area, though it was close to Stratford with easy access into the City. It had a nice campus feel and the campus village was beautiful."
"Amazing location. East London is cool. Nice campus. Shortage of computers and spaces to sit."
"It's the only London university that was a campus university and had really good facilities. The location was perfect in terms of things to do and being close to central London. However, the actual area wasn't very nice."

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