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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"QMUL is located in the heart of east London. The law campus is practically right next to the tube, which makes commuting very easy. The student accommodation is excellent, although there should be room for more. The facilities are fantastic so I don't need to go anywhere else for any of my assignments or research. Since we're right in the trendy part of town, there's an abundance of places to eat with an event or two bound to be happening every day."
"The location is fantastic for getting into central London, though is not particularly safe. The campus is quite condensed but adequate. The facilities are okay but more library study space is desperately needed. Student accommodation is lacking and poor after the first year. The university does not offer any help sorting housing after first year so students are at risk of being abused and manipulated by the London housing market."
"It is in a location that is easily accessible to central London. It is just one big campus so it's easy to get around. There is a gym on campus that is reasonably priced for students and there are many museums around."
"Just a 15-minute tube journey from the heart of London, the university is well placed for travel to the centre or even further east where there is access to the Westfield shopping centre and other sites perfect for a night out. The campus is the only one of its kind in London and the campus environment is what makes Queen Mary feel so much friendlier than other universities in London. The Regents Canal runs along one side of the campus and there are nearby parks such as Mile End Park across the road and Victoria Park a 10-minute walk away, which are lovely for a stroll or even a picnic on a sunny day. The Whitechapel Market is a 10-minute bus ride away and Aldgate and Brick Lane are just a couple of minutes further down the road. There is a gym and sports hall on site as well as a multi-faith centre for prayer and contemplation. We also have computer and meeting rooms as well as the library."
"Unfortunately, there are not enough places to study. It is very difficult to find a place in the library and other study rooms are too noisy. The light in the library is terrible and it is very cold inside. The library doesn't provide recent books that would help students in their research for essays except for a few textbooks. The gym is ok and there are many places to eat around the campus. The student accommodation is nice."
"The campus is nice but it really lacks areas for students to come together and relax or take a break between lectures. The student accommodation is good but there is nothing to do in the uni or in the surrounding area unless you get on the train and go down to Liverpool Street. The facilities are adequate but need improvement."
"Our location is in the East End so the food around here is very cheap. However, it's not the 'City' of London, so it doesn't really feel like London. The campus and facilities are amazing for such a small campus and they continue to improve every year. There is lots to do during the day, and there are always activities or charity events held on campus as well as career events and talks, which is nice."
"The university is located very centrally and we have access to a lot of facilities and places in London. However, the student accommodation is prioritised unfairly and students from London do not get accommodation in the first year."


"LOVE the location in East London but there isn't enough student accommodation. The library could do with updating and the campus in general should be expanded."
"The accommodation is excellent, but there is not enough of it."
"Mile End in London is perfect since it is a few stops from the city centre by tube and is also a huge campus. We have new facilities, a solid gym, new classrooms and constant improvements are being made."
"My university is located in East London and it's a really up and coming area with a lot to do and isn't far from central London. The campus is very easy to navigate, but my student accommodation is not worth the high price it costs."
"There's hardly anything on campus and whatever is here is expensive. The location is very convenient, not too far from the station with lots of places to eat nearby."
"Central London is a good location with lots to do but, obviously, expensive. The campus is great as it is compact with loads of facilities. Student accommodation is average, there are no communal areas and it's not very homely."
"The area in which QMUL is situated is not the best in terms of security and surroundings but the student accommodation is very good. London is great for studying."
"London is a great city, lively and busy. However, being in Mile End was not the nicest area, though it was close to Stratford with easy access into the City. It had a nice campus feel and the campus village was beautiful."
"Amazing location. East London is cool. Nice campus. Shortage of computers and spaces to sit."
"It's the only London university that was a campus university and had really good facilities. The location was perfect in terms of things to do and being close to central London. However, the actual area wasn't very nice."

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