Queen Mary University of London

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"We have an amazing careers service and we are in the top 10 of universities for students having careers after they graduate. Additionally, there are many jobs for students at Queen Mary that pay the London living wage."
"Student feedback is taken onboard. For instance, the library will be open 24/7 all year round starting this September."
"There is a balcony at the top of the graduate building with an amazing view of London."
"The Library Square is a great place to hang out when the weather is good."
"We have a statue of Clement Attlee in our uni and a Jewish cemetery. It's cool!"
"Queen Mary gives the most out of the university student London experience. You get both the campus feeling as well as the vibrant energy of living in London."
"The prayer facilities here are very good."
"There is a great crepe stall just around the corner from the uni. It's called Sugar Cube crepes and it's tucked behind the Co-Op."

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