Queen Mary University of London

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"There is an old Jewish graveyard, the Novo Cemetery, right at the centre of campus! This holds special historic interest and is a registered heritage site and boasts links to the area's name. For example 'Mile End' traditionally means a mile away from Central London and these people were not permitted to be buried within Central London so were buried here."
"There are some hidden quiet spots near the canal on campus to chill with friends."
"You can find halal food everywhere."
"All lectures are recorded so students can access them online if they want to go over notes."
"It's the only campus uni in London."
"We have a secret tunnel that looks like something out of Hogwarts."
"QMUL pays all of its employees, including part-time student employees, the national living wage of London (roughly £11 an hour)."

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